Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 27 Mar 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri S. Phani Kumar

[By Shri S. Phani Kumar]

Recently, I met with an accident while riding my bike and my knee is near totally injured. Because of ACL and ligament tear, nerves as well as external part of the knee are damaged. I went for an x-ray of the knee and MRI scan. The X-ray and scan report showed the internal problems in the joint. The liquid collected in that place. The doctor asked me that with such knee, how are you able to walk. The doctors are astonished. To their surprise, there is no swelling near the knee. If this kind of tear happens in the knee, there is no medical treatment for it. They said it is impossible to walk with the knee in such condition. You will never get chance to walk. The doctors only suggested to take rest. This is what we can suggest you. The doctors also told me that people affected with this type of problem will never get chance to walk. The doctors also told me that they don’t have any medicine. The doctors even told that I can’t give pain killer also. Pain killer will not work for such problem. This happened in the month of January. Then one month I suffered all the pain. In fact, pain persisted but not hugely. On February 24th, 2022, Swamiji’s birthday was there. Then I went to Hyderabad to meet one more surgeon there. He is a very famous surgeon in orthopedic and showed all my reports. He also told that you are walking miraculously.

Medical science has nothing to say about it. With this kind of a problem, no one can walk. Knee is to be locked. You should not move the knee and particular stressed about knee lock. I don’t know how you are managing. He tested me in all the possible ways and asked me whether you have pain or not. I said I don’t have any pain. Then he told, since you don’t have any pain, you can go now but you come to me when you feel that knee is locked. Right now I cannot do anything. This happened on 23rd of February. On the next day, I went to meet Swami on His birthday in His house. In this life, I spent more than 25 years of very close association with Swami in this birth itself. When I met Swami in His house, He was kept on smiling only continuously. He was smiling at me entire day. I have not seen such typical smile previously anytime in the past during my close association with Him for so long. I asked Swami about the reason for this smile many times. That smile is different. After sometime, Swami told that smile is maaya and with that maaya, I carried out the operation for you and putting ointment on your knee. This is what Swami told me. I was there with Him from morning to evening. Then I returned to Vijayawada. After a week or so, one night I got tremendous pain. I thought as if I am in hell. I experienced as if the whole of leg and knee are in a furnace of 3000 deg.C temperature or so and got the pains of piercing more than a thousand 1000 trisulams. I underwent so much of pain. I could not bear the pain and prayed Swami to save me from this pain. The whole night I did not sleep. Around 3 am in the early morning, Swamiji appeared and He put His hand on my knee and did something. He just touched my knee and then, He smiled. This time also He was smiling. Behind Swami, I saw Shri Satya Sai Baba also. Swami touched my foot also. Both came during that time. Then Swami poured 3 drops of very cold water on my knee and my whole pain and burning sensation got vanished. So, this is the miracle experienced by me. Some of my cousins, who are doctors, are also astonished and asked me how are you able to walk with the knee in such a bad state.

Another cousin Dr. Mallikharjuna Rao garu was also astonished seeing me walking with the knee in such a bad state. I told Swami did this miracle that is why I am able to walk. 3 days after this operation took place, I drove the car from Vijayawada to Hyderabad. I am driving my two wheel and car also. I drove the car for 300 kms without any stop to Hyderabad. The doctors felt that you will not get movements even in your entire life. But because of Shri Datta Swami’s grace, I am able to walk, drive the vehicle. All these things are possible with the grace of Shri Datta Swami. Even I am also shocked while driving the vehicle. Swami assured me that He will be with me always. Literally, Swami is there backing us and He really saved me. Not only this time, even in the past, He saved many a times.

Even for the disease I suffered, there was no medical treatment. Everytime, Swami is involving and saving me. Last time, around 6-7 years back, I got a problem of rashes on my entire body. That time, Swami appeared like Goddess Lakshmi with lotus in Her hand and She sprinkled lotus water on me. Immediately, the rashes have disappeared. Ajay garu, all the devotees surrounding me, many of my relatives including my parents know about these rashes. I had these rashes for more than a year. With just showering of lotus water on me, all the rashes are vanished immediately. Even Swami suggested me one medicine also. You have to take this medicine for whole of your rest of life. I met many doctors in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Vijaywada. They told that they don’t have any medicine for this problem. One day, Swami called me and asked me to take a couple of medicines. He told if you take this medicine, all your problems will be solved. Doctors could not diagnose the problem. Only Swami could diagnose it because He is ‘bhava roga vaidya’. He is doctor of doctors. He proved this practically again now in these incidents. In my case, it happened everytime. I want to share the joy and blessings showered by Swami on me with you all here. Not only this time, He saved me many a times. Thank you, Swami. I will surrender at Your lotus feet. You saved me many a times.