Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 26 Dec 2023


Divine experiences of Shri Veena Datta

[By Shri Veena Datta]


I would like to share my divine experience graced by Shri. Datta Swami, our contemporary human incarnation of Lord Datta.

You all are experiencing the wonderful knowledge (Prajnanam) preached by Shri. Datta Swami (Jnaana Saraswathi).  Similarly, Shri. Datta Swami gave several wonderful divine experiences and performed wonderful divine miracles to various devotees which you all know by going through the Mahima Yamuna/Shri. Datta Swami books.  Apart from these, Shri. Datta Swami has spontaneously written wonderful bhajans on Lord Datta and other deities which are helpful in developing devotion towards Swami/God in all of us (Bhakti Ganga).  

I wished to participate in the divine service of Shri. Datta Swami and accordingly I thought of developing a mobile ‘App’ (Bhakti Ganga) which facilitates all the devotees to access the divine bhajans even on the go.  Accordingly, with the grace of Shri. Datta Swami, the first version of the Bhakthi Ganga mobile App was made available both on the app store and play store on the eve of previous Datta Jayanthi.  Based on the various suggestions received from various devotees and users, we want to include various features including search and are in the process of developing the same and planned to release the updated version on the eve of Datta Jayanthi i.e., on 26th December 2023.  In developing the updated version, Shri. Datta Swami has graced the following divine experiences to me.   

1) While developing the outline of the app on the mobile, on accessing the app, my idea is to create a blank screen initially and after that three colours, Red, black and white colours should come as it is believed that colours also speaks.Here, initial blank screen represents the Parabrahman, Who is beyond the Trigunas (three qualities).The same Parabrahman, when incarnates in this world as a human being, He will incarnate with all the Trigunas (qualities) Red representing (Rajas), White representing Sattvam, and black representing the Tamas qualities. The idea is to depict that the Nirguna Parabrahman took all three qualities and incarnated as Shri. Datta Swami as our contemporary human incarnation.We have put in hectic efforts in developing the source code to depict our idea with the same colour combination.But we failed miserably and not able to get the desired result.Just two days before Datta Jayanthi i.e., on 24th December, 2023, we were working late night to develop this design and at around 1-45 in the night I decided that we are not able to release the same for this Datta Jayanti and gone to sleep.I prayed Shri. Datta Swami and sought His help in making this happen. Here the divine play of Shri. Datta Swami starts. Shri. Datta Swami always call me as ‘Arai Datta‘. All through my childhood Shri Datta Swami used to call me ‘Arai Datta’. Just in the early hours in my sleep I heard the same voice of Shri. Datta Swami calling ‘Arai Datta’.Shri. Datta Swami spoke about the exact issue in the source code which we are developing and told that this is to be corrected to get the desired result.Immediately, I got up in shock after listening the voice of Shri. Datta Swami, I immediately switched on the computer and opened the source code.When went through the source code there was an issue exactly in the place where Shri Datta Swami spoke about and because of which we are not able to get the desired result.We have made the necessary changes in that line and astonished with the result.To our surprise, the App is working with the desired result. This is the divine grace showered by Shri. Datta Swami on us while developing the mobile app with the help of which we are able to upload the revised version of the mobile app both in App store and Play store exactly on the eve of Datta Jayanthi i.e., on 26th December, 2023 as per the plan.This experience of mine clearly shows the omniscience and omni presence of Shri. Datta Swami, our contemporary human incarnation.This experience made me to understand that Shri. Datta Swami is the main source behind all this app development, and we are all just instruments who are working like robots as per the grace and instructions of Shri. Datta Swami.

2) On the eve of Datta Jayanthi, i.e., on 26th December, 2023, all the devotees assembled in Smt. Chandaa’s house and the divine Satsang on Datta Jayanthi was about to start. Swami was wearing Saffron dress and Shri. Phani has offered one green shawl to Shri. Datta Swami.One thought came to my mind that Saffron colour represents Hinduism, green colour of the shawl represents the Islaam, white colour also should be there to represent the Christianity so that the concept of universal spirituality preached by Shri. Datta Swami will be fully represented.Immediately one devotee offered a big jasmine garland which is in white colour.Normally, whenever any garland is offered to Shri. Datta Swami, Shri Datta Swami will remove the garland after some time.On that day, I thought in my mind that Shri. Datta Swami should wear all these three offerings during the entire Satsang which is representing universal-spirituality, so that the concept of Universal spirituality preached by Shri. Datta Swami will be truly represented during the Satsang.To my surprise, as per my wish, even though the garland was hindering with wireless microphone attached Shri. Datta Swami did not remove the shawl and jasmine garland till the end of the Satsang as thought by me in my mind. Even though I have not told anything to Shri. Datta Swami orally, Shri. Datta Swami fulfilled my wish.This divine experience once again showed me that Shri. Datta Swami is omniscient and reminds me the popular saying “bhaava graahi Janaardhanah”.

I would like to offer my salutations to the lotus feet of Shri. Datta Swami, our contemporary human incarnation, for gracing me the wonderful divine experiences mentioned above.I request Shri. Datta Swami to excuse me if there are any mistakes in the experiences mentioned above.


D Veena Datta

In the service of Shri. Datta Swami (Lord Datta).