Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 26 Nov 2022


How to correlate fan devotion and simultaneously, God disliking the sacrifice of life by a devotee?

[Smt. Priyanka asked:- Swami! You appreciated Gopikaas for sacrificing their lives after Krishna left His gross body. At the same time, You told that Krishna did not relish such sacrifice of the Gopikaas. While mentioning fan devotion also, You told that the fan commits suicide on hearing the death of his hero. How to correlate these points?]

Swami replied:- Sacrifice of life for the sake of God is really appreciable from the angle of the love of the devotee to God. But, from the angle of sin, the Veda says that suicide is the biggest sin (Asūryā nāma…). Suicide takes place due to uncontrolled emotion in which state, the intelligence becomes inactive. If you do short analysis, Krishna or the hero did not commit suicide. Especially Krishna did not commit suicide and the reason is that the Veda written by Him says that it is the greatest sin. When Chandra Lekha died, Krishna did not commit suicide. When Sati died, Shiva did not commit suicide. Do you think that the love of Krishna and Shiva towards their devotees is less? If the love of a devotee towards God is a drop, the love of God towards the devotee is the mighty ocean. In that ocean, an unimaginable Tsunami appeared due to the death of the devotee. But, suicide was not done. Chandra Lekha died due to the shock of prevention of her meeting with Krishna. Such shock was beyond the control and she did not apply any force to die. But, in the case of Sati, she forced herself to commit suicide. Instead of ending the life given by God, the devotee should have spent the rest of the life in propagating about the dearest God. By such propagation, God would have been terribly pleased. Due to the suicide of the devotee, God also undergoes unimaginable pain. The main aim of the devotee should be to please God and not to pain God.