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Posted on: 10 Oct 2016
O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

a) 26-09-2002: Swami went to the house of Sitamma at Mangalagiri town. Her daughter-in-law, Smt. Bhavana was weeping with severe headache from morning and no medicine was working. She touched the feet of Swami and Swami rubbed her forehead with palm. The headache disappeared at once. Not noticing this that happened in the hall, Sitamma was preparing a paste of dry-ginger in the kitchen that is used generally for headache. Meanwhile, Bhavana cried saying that her headache disappeared and there is no need of that paste. Swami told Sitamma in kitchen to prepare the paste, which is needed for the headache of Swami!

b) 02-10-2002: Since there was no rain for the last two months, on the prayer of devotees, Swami sang a devotional song on Lord Shiva. As soon as the song was completed, the rain started and rains continued further for several months.

c) 09-10-2002: Smt. Padma along with her baby and husband were present in Puri temple. The baby was frightened and Swami appeared before the baby telling her not to fear in that rush of devotees. The baby told that Swami appeared there in the temple and played with her several times!

d) 12-10-2002: On the third floor of C B K Murthy, satsang of devotees went on in the evening. Swami didn’t come and among devotees Sumati didn’t come. The grandson of CBK Murthy went up and came down telling that Swami was in the satsang and Sumati was sitting very near to Swami. After the satsang was over, Shri Bhaskar (son of CBK Murthy) standing on the ground floor found Sumati coming down by the steps. Actually, on enquiry, it was found that Sumati was in her house and Swami was in his native place!

e) 15-10-2002: Shri PVNM Sharma went to Mumbai visiting temple of Divine Mother, Durga, in Panvel. Sharma sang the song from Bhakti Ganga describing decoration of Divine Mother as bride in Her marriage. Immediately, very intensive scent was inhaled by him to such extent that he became almost unconscious.

f) 16-10-2002: Smt. Malati is a very good devotee of Swami. On this day she was catching Tirumala Express train at 8 pm along with her father and two sons. One son got into train, father was running catching the door rod since the train started moving fast on the platform. Malati was running along with the second son and cried for Swami. Swami appeared before her and shouted with loud voice “stop the train”. The train stopped suddenly. All went into train peacefully. The passengers in the train told her “the train stopped suddenly as if somebody stopped it for you!”

g) Shri P V N M Sharma says his experiences: “i) One day, Swami was speaking about Lord Shiva from 9 am to 1 pm. I went exactly at 9 am to bow to Swami and go to my office by 9.30 am. As I was hearing Swami’s discourse, I forgot everything and sat there. Then, Swami told me that I can go to office since the manager did not come. I thought of applying for the leave on that day. But, on insistence of Swami, I went to office and found that the manager did not come on that day till that time! ii) One day, I was late to the office since I was with Swami. Swami suddenly told me that I should go to office at once since the manager is anxiously waiting for me. I immediately went to office and found that the manager was anxiously waiting for me regarding some urgent work, which can be done by me only! iii) I was riding on my bike with Swami on back seat. A constable stopped me asking for fine saying irrelevant rules. He was asking for bribe. I put my hand in my pocket to give him some money as usual. Swami stopped my hand saying that giving bribe is sin. The constable became more aggressive. Meanwhile, some accident happened nearby that spot and the constable ran to that spot. Swami asked me to drive the bike and leave that spot. While going, I found that nobody was hit even a little. Swami created that accident to draw the attention of the constable as revealed by Swami later on.

h) Dr. Annapurna says her experience: “In Ernakulam, Kerala, I was asking Sharma ji about the miraculous scents created by Swami. We were walking in a street with lot of bad odour due to several wastages lying there. Suddenly, we both started to inhale the scent of lotus flower in the place of bad odour. We went to the house taken for rent. The house owner, Mr. Xavier (Christian) has put strictly one condition that I should not lit camphor and aromatic incense sticks, generally lit before God in our Hindu worship. I agreed to the condition. When we reached home, the scent of camphor started and filled my portion and also the portion of the owner. He furiously ran to us shouting about the condition. We said that nothing was lit and he thoroughly searched and found nothing. Outside the house, there was no trace of scent. Then we told about Swami to him and he agreed to the power of Swami!

i) Shri Ramanaiah and Sharmaji are walking together. Just a little before, Swami told that the divine scent comes to one person or several persons as per will of the God. Shri Ramanaiah was asking about the possibility of such wonder. Suddenly Ramanaiah got lotus scent whereas Sharma ji was not getting at all. For four days this happened whenever Ramanaiah and Shrmaji were together!

j) Shri Ajay was working in UTI, as manager and once UTI went to very bad condition. Swami told Ajay “You did lot of service to Swami and hence your UTI will come to No.1 position.” From that day onwards, UTI recovered very fast and came to No.1 position. Once, the share market fell down terribly and some important principle investments got reduced very much. Ajay told Swami “You must save me from this. Otherwise, those investors will bombard me.” Swami told Ajay “Kalabhairava is the presiding deity of share market. I will tell Him to raise the market for one day, just tomorrow, so that you will withdraw those important investments without any loss. But, you should keep this as top secret because I should not interfere in the normal procedure of worldly matters”. Ajay agreed and I was also a witness of this miracle. Next day, the market went to un-assumable height and Ajay withdrew all those investments without any loss because the raise of the market was exactly to that extent only!

Swami’s father, a famous astrologer, told Ajay on seeing his horoscope that he will be transferred shortly to a place present on the sea shore. Accordingly, within a short period, Ajay was transferred to Bombay. Ajay was very reluctant to go on transfer due to some unavoidable personal reasons and told Swami “Your father predicted this transfer on my horoscope. What to do?”. Swami told “My father predicted on your horoscope. I will change your horoscope so that prediction also gets changed”. Ajay was standing in the front of his office. A beggar came to Ajay telling “Don’t worry, you will stay here only. The rotator of the wheel is standing by your side”. Ajay was surprised and the beggar went out. Immediately, Ajay thought that he should give some money to that beggar and ran out in few seconds. The beggar was not seen at all, but Swami entered his office for the first time saying that He will take money from him later on. The transfer orders were implemented by the boss and Ajay got relieved. Suddenly, phone message came from Corporate Office (Chairman) stopping the transfer order! Ajay was retained there only!

k) One day, in the season of hot summer, Swami was taking meals in the house of Ajay in a ritual function while several devotees were also taking meals. Curries were served by Lakshmi, wife of Ajay. Swami commented “the curries are not having good flavour since curry leaves are not added”. Lakshmi told “Swami! The curry leaves became dried due to the hot wind and hence, were not added to curries”. Swami immediately created very very fresh curry leaves, which are impossible in that severe summer for their addition to curries!

l) A great Vedic scholar, who recited entire Yajur Veda, came to Swami and bowed saying that his preacher of the Veda told him that he should visit Swami and touch His feet. The Vedic scholar had some pride as he was honoured by several since he was very famous reciting-scholar of the Veda. Swami thought of removing his pride. Swami asked him to read a specific part of Yajur Veda from one line onwards and Swami recited that line asking him to continue from there. The Vedic scholar was very much in touch with that part, being often recited by him. The Vedic scholar couldn’t recollect even a single word in spite of his hectic struggle throughout the day!

m) Myself (Phani) along with P V N M Sharma, went to a Muslim Phakeer called Chimalapati Baba. Baba told me “You are with a personality, who is preacher of preachers. We prepare disciples, but, your Preacher prepares preachers. Be careful with Him since He will show several illusions to throw you away. Your grip on His divine feet must be very-very strong”. Actually, Baba doesn’t know me or Swami!

n) One day, Shri P V N M Sharma and Swami were sitting together in my house. Three papadums were served by me, one to Swami, the second to Sharma ji and the third for myself. The hot papadums, just prepared were very tasty. Sharma ji thought in his mind that it will be better if Swami gives at least a small piece of His papadum to him for eating. He realized the mistake of such foolish thought at once and all this episode was in his mind only. That day, in the evening, Swami asked Sharmaji to drop Him at the house of Ajay. As soon as Swami and Sharma ji went inside the house of Ajay, Swami asked Lakshmi (wife of Ajay) to prepare two papadams for eating. Lakshmi prepared and served them, one to Swami and one to Sharmaji. Swami took a small piece from His papadam and gave the rest entire papadam to Sharmaji telling “In Phani’s house, you desired for a small piece of My papadam. But, now I am giving a large piece of papadam and I am taking only that small piece aspired by you. Had you not aspired for the small piece, I should have given My entire papadam to you”. How nicely Swami preached ‘Nishkaama karma Yoga (doing divine service without aspiration of any fruit in return from God)’ through papadam.

o) Mr. Mongodi, a very frightening evil person like a big ‘goonda,’ threatened P V N M Sharma and Dr Annapurna in Kerala abusing Swami also. Swami was informed and Swami promised to give a warning to him. Within few hours, he became seriously ill and was hospitalized. Doctors said that all blood was poisoned and he was released from hospital immediately telling that his life is for one or two days only. Then, Mangodi apologised for his wrong behaviour and prayed Swami. Immediately he was cured of his illness and was found with good health by doctors!

p) Miracle of knowledge: Swami was intensively preaching about the unimaginable God in those days. I and Shri Ajay discussed on this topic for a long time on one day. Both of us developed a very big bomb to blast the concept of unimaginable God in the following way “Veda says that God is true knowledge (Satyam Jnaanam...). Knowledge is imaginable and understood by scholars. If it is not understood by anybody, it is knowledge at all. Knowledge means to know. Hence, God being knowledge must be known to scholars at least and can’t be unimaginable or unknowable to everybody”. In the evening, Swami came and children of Ajay asked about a problem in Physics and Swami was explaining to them. Swami looked very weak and tired after finishing the academic work in college. I was going to put this question to Swami. Ajay told me that Swami is already tired and this question is almost a big bomb and hence can be put next day morning when Swami is fresh. Swami asked them “Tell Me. What is the matter?” I bombarded Swami with our question-bomb. Swami replied our question continuing teaching to the children as if the question is a sub-normal point! Swami answered “a married lady has yellow thread (Mangala Sutram) on her neck and this is a separable associated characteristic (Tatastha lakshana). Yet, it is inseparable from her like her inherent characteristic (Svaruupa Lakshana) like colour of her skin. The thread is treated as almost inseparable though it is really separable (since the thread was not there before marriage and will not be there after the death of her husband). But, her colour is really inseparable from her birth to death. However, as long as she lives with alive husband, the thread is inseparable like her colour. Treating the associated quality as inherent quality during this time, you can detect the married lady present in unmarried ladies by the thread, which acts as inherent quality. Whenever, God incarnates on this earth, He is always associated with the spiritual knowledge to be preached to the humanity. You can call the possessor of even associated item by the name of that associated item like calling the bearer of apples by the name of apples. Even if the spiritual knowledge is treated like apples as an associated quality only, you can call God by the name of spiritual knowledge based on this example. When an associated quality is acting like the inherent quality due to constant association, calling the possessor by the name of such strongly associated quality becomes more meaningful. This associated quality (spiritual knowledge), which is almost like inherent quality can be easily called as God. By this, the thread didn’t become the real inherent quality so that you can say that God is known”. We both were dumb stuck with that unimaginable explanation given by unimaginable Swami!

After four days, I came with another nuclear bomb to attack Swami. I told “Gita says that one in millions knows God (kashchit maam vetti tattvatah). Even if God is known to one, God became known and hence imaginable.

Swami replied:One knows God-means that God is known to be unimaginable by that one scholar since he only recognizes the unimaginable nature of God as almost all think that God is imaginable. You may also say the meaning in another angle, which is that-only one recognizes Krishna as God whereas almost all the human beings identify Krishna as human being (Vaasudeva or son of Vasudeva)”. I was again astonished by this unimaginable answer.

q) In 1998 three books written by Swami (Datta Vedam, Datta Bhagavat Gita and Datta Upanishat) were printed. The costs of these three books were kept as Rs.190/- (Rs.50+100+40). I went to Pithapuram, where Shripadavallabha (incarnation of Lord Datta) was born. There I saw a very tall naked person, who came to me and asked for these three books telling “I am waiting for these three books from a long time”. I took out those three books (in fact, the books were hidden in my bag and it is a big surprise that how He came to know about these books in my bag!) and gave them to Him. He asked me about the total price of the three books. I told the price as Rs.160/- instead of Rs.190/- since I was shocked with surprise. He waved His hand and generated exactly Rs.190/- (very new notes). I asked Him about His details. He smiled and told that He stays on Sahya Mountain, covered by Lions and Tigers and invited me to come there. By the time I counted, He disappeared. I returned to Vijayawada. On seeing me, Swami told “you have studied M.B.A. and don’t know the total price of the three books on adding the individual prices! Lions and Tigers represent the miraculous powers, which can be controlled by the human form of God alone like the ring master alone controlling the lions and tigers in the show of circus. Other ignorant devotees can’t control these powers and are eaten by lions and tigers!” Again, for the second time, I was shocked!

r) Shri Ajay always goes late to the Railway station whenever he has to go by the train. Every time, the train comes late and Ajay catches the train. He was feeling that it is the grace of Swami that helps him in catching the train every time. One day Ajay has to go to Khammam by the train. On that day, Swami advised Ajay to start early. But, as usual, he started late from the house with full confidence in Swami. That day, Shri P V N M Sharma came to drop Ajay at the Railway Station. Swami told Sharma “leave Ajay near the Railway Station and wait for some more time since you have to take Ajay to Bus stop from Railway Station”. That day, as Ajay enters the platform, the train left from the station and Ajay was dropped at the bus stop by Sharma! Swami told later on “we must follow the laws of nature and should not compel God to exhibit unimaginable power continuously. Since Ajay is an extraordinary devotee of Swami, the law of nature was broken so many times!

s) Shri P V N M Sharma invited Swami to the first annual ceremony of his late mother, which took place for 3 days continuously (30th, 31st October and 1st November, 2016). Swami told Sharma to invite the devotees of Datta so that He will dine through their mouths since Swami is in Hyderabad on those three days. On 30th, no devotee came since it was Deepavali festival. Sharma was very much discouraged. Immediately the scent of camphor started indicating the presence of Swami. Sharma thought that somebody might have lit the camphor and hence searched in and around the home. No burning of camphor was found. Immediately, the scent of camphor stopped and scent of lotus flowers started intensively. Lotus flowers are very much uncommon unlike camphor. This removed the doubt and Sharma was convinced about the presence of Swami and felt very happy!

t) Recently, an incident took place about which I feel that it is a miracle and hence I am presenting it here. On 06-11-2016, Swami was leaving Vijayawada to Hyderabad after staying at Vijayawada for a few days. Generally, devotees of Swami give some offerings of money to Swami as Guru Dakshina. Generally, on the day of departure, the notes of denominations of 500 and 1000 are handed over to me and Swami keeps with Him the notes of denomination 100 and below 100. On such occasion, Swami speaks that He is giving me valuable notes and taking back valueless notes. He also says that a note of denomination of 100 and below is having no value in these days. But, when Swami was leaving Vijayawada on 6th November, He reversed the usual practice! He gave me notes of denomination 100 and below it saying “Keep these notes, which are valuable”. He took back notes of rupees 500 and 1000 denominations saying “These are becoming valueless and hence, I am taking back”. I and some other devotees present there could not understand this peculiar behavior and statement of Swami. I was thinking about these statements for two days and could not find the answer. I was shocked to come to know on 08-11-2016 that the notes of 500 and 1000 denominations become invalid from that midnight! I phoned to Swami about this. Swami replied “I also did not know why I spoke like that! Now only I understand. Somebody in Me spoke like that. I am suffering with a disease called ‘split personality’ as per the medical science!” I replied “I don’t see two personalities in You because the other personality in You is not only invisible but also unimaginable. Hence, for me, both personalities are one and the same as seen by this visualized personality!” Swami replied “Ok. As you wish, so I am”.

Swami’s comment: In the initial stage, God does miracles frequently even for small reasons and even for normal devotees since the main reason for doing miracles is to express His divinity as advertisement to attract at least some devotees in the initial stage. Hence, you find even very free miracles without any cost of deservingness by real devotion. Hence, so many miracles were expressed even for small reasons covering all levels of devotees based on simply the possibility of occasion and not on the deservingness of devotee.

Many tiny miracles as above (No. 30), exist recorded by me and only few are mentioned here just as samples. Actually, there is no end to the endless miracles of God.

Concluding remarks:

Swami told: In the initial stage of Datta’s programme, these miracles were done very frequently to attract crowds of devotees. When the initial pickup was achieved, the frequency of miracles got reduced as per the will of Datta so that the miracles will take place in the case of deserving devotees only in future. Whenever a miracle is done, the account of the soul gets adjusted so that finally the rules get satisfied. In the initial stage, if an undeserving devotee is blessed with a favour through miracle done in hurried way (to exhibit miraculous power and attract devotees initially), the account of such undeserving soul gets adjusted. It means that some good fruit of such soul is consumed. Of course, the devotee is appreciated by God for spending his good fruit in the service of God. Jesus appreciated a blind man getting eyes by His touch saying that the beggar need not feel that a sinner was blessed freely in the service of God. If this is true, only a few getting such free initial chance make God partial. Hence, if the beggar is undeserving, his good fruit got consumed for that favour and the beggar is appreciated because such consumption of good fruit was done in the service of God, which is essential in the early stage. However, if the beggar is deserving, the account is not disturbed since the rule that ‘God favours deserving devotee’ is applied and hence the account is justified even if a good fruit was not consumed. All this background is unknown to the souls, which think that God simply did favour violating the rules for the sake of a devotee even though the devotee is undeserving and favour was done for his praise that trapped the mind of God. This is said in the Gita (Naadatte...). God is never trapped by the theoretical devotion to grant practical fruits. Practical fruits are always sanctioned in two ways: i) In a business deal of Pravrutti, the practical fruit is got for the practical service maintaining qualitative and quantitative equality of exchange as per the justified deal of business. ii) In Nivrutti, the practical fruit is got for the practical service as above, but, there is no qualitative and quantitative equality in the exchange since this is not business at all. It is only based on the requirement of devotee. A son brings his salary and gives to his mother. His mother serves him with the food and other facilities without the account since there is no aspiration for fruit on either side.

The visions are always specific based on the deservingness. Lord gave cosmic vision to Arjuna only and nobody in the war could see it. There is every chance to think that Arjuna might have been subjected to personal illusion and Kauravaas thought exactly the same. Still, such miracles are done to encourage a specific deserving devotee without caring other’s comments. Curing diseases is also specific based on the deservingness, but, it can’t be illusion since all the people visualise it. Similarly, scents except the occasions in which a single devotee in a group is blessed alone. Materialization of matter from nothing is not generally linked to deservingness of any devotee, but done to prove the concept of divine creation. It is always meant for an ordinary person to grasp the existence of unimaginable power in creating this world.

Miracles are the most dangerous items of the spiritual field, but, they are the most essential visiting cards of God. They are meaningful as far as an atheist is concerned since the atheist uses the miracle to change his concept of denial of God. Except this one basic purpose, the miracles are very harmful not only to the devotees, but also, even to the human being component of the human incarnation. Devotees try to use more and more miracles for selfish business going far and far away from the selfless divine path. Thus, devotees are spoiled. Even the human being component of incarnation, often, gets ego by miracles and flattering from devotees misleads the human component to get ego believing that it is doing the miracles and not the God! Unless miracles are realised fully in their essence, all the human beings including human being component of incarnation may get drowned. The human being component may pose as if it is the doer of miracles in order to maintain the faith of devotees in human incarnation. But, it should be in the constant realization of Its dualism with God and should avoid the attack of powerful ego-virus. Every human incarnation shall keep God Hanuman as Its guide, who passed on the total credit of miracle to God (unimaginable) only, personally surrendering Himself as the servant of God. He always surrendered to Rama, the unimaginable God (Rama means the unimaginable God entertaining Himself with own creation as said by the Veda - ‘Ramate’).