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Posted on: 17 Sep 2016
O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Shri Dattatreya Swami (known as Venu Gopala Krishna Murthy) is the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in this world, who came in human form to rectify the spiritual knowledge wrongly interpreted by wrong preachers that disturbs unity and peace in the world. Dr Nikhil wrote in an article that Shri Dattatreya Swami is the same ‘Great Genius’ predicted by ‘Nostradamus’ coming from a country surrounded by three seas (Swami comes from South India), a scientist (Swami worked as Professor of Chemistry in a highly reputed Engineering College), correlating the Vedas with all the worldly religions to establish ‘Universal Religion’ for world peace.

Miraculous incidents showed that God Dattatreya is coming as Swami from His childhood itself. Every day, His mother saw various Holy places like temples, Churches, Mosques, Buddhist and Jain structures in her dream throughout the period of her pregnancy till the date of delivery! Two experts in black magic, who killed several people in the native village of Swami died on the birth day of Swami! Swami did not learn Sanskrit language and scriptures from anybody and started telling spontaneous poetry in Sanskrit from 7th year! He wrote more than 100 books in Sanskrit on Philosophy by His 16th year! Swami completed Ph.D. degree in chemistry by His 19th year with an invention (praised by the examiner of thesis, Prof. E R Caley, The Ohio State University, U S A as “this original Ultrasonic method breaks up a new ground...”). Swami preaches spiritual knowledge on a systematic scientific background as you can see His messages recorded in the website: www.universal-spirituality.org. Swami says that science is the final authority in the analysis of creation, though it can’t apply to the creator, the unimaginable God. Science is polite in keeping silent about the unimaginable God, whereas, atheism negates God with ego!

Swami resigned His post and entered the propagation of spiritual knowledge on the instruction of God Dattatreya and came to the house of Shri C B K Murthy (Retd. Dy. G.M. of Co-op. Banks) for the sake of the divine programme. In the holy place of Shrishailam Temple, Swami stayed for a month along with the couple (C B K Murthy and Smt. Bhavani) where, one day, Lord Dattatreya, the first energetic incarnation of the unimaginable absolute God (called as Divine Father), merged with Swami limb by limb and Swami emerged terrible heat throughout that night as witnessed by the couple. After that, Swami performed several miracles continuously for the sake of initial pick-up of devotees in the divine service.

Shri C B K Murthy recorded all these miracles and published a book in Telugu entitled “Mahima Yamuna” (Yamuna River of miracles). All the devotional songs were recorded by Ajay and were printed as “Bhakti Ganga” (Ganga River of devotion). All the spiritual knowledge in the form of messages given by Swami are in the above mentioned website and these messages come as “Jnaana Saraswati” (Saraswati River of spiritual knowledge). These three rivers are united in Prayaga (Allahabad) known as holy ‘Sangama’ and Swami says that this represents Lord Dattatreya (Datta), who is three (Creator Brahma, Ruler Vishnu and Destroyer Shiva) in one. The programme of Swami is also three (rivers) in one.

In the I part (Brahma Lahari) of this book, visions of various energetic forms of God given by Swami to devotees for their spiritual encouragement are mentioned. In the II part (Vishnu Lahari) various incurable diseases of devotees cured by Swami by transferring them on to Him for suffering were presented (Swami suffered in seen or unseen state with the transferred disease of every devotee by saying that every devotee attached to Him is a real devotee like original diamond and told that such a chance of service to real devotees is His fortune!). In the III part (Shiva Lahari), miracles of various natures were given. Whenever, a miracle happened, Phani was always associated with Swami and Swami was giving explanations of those miracles, which were recorded by Phani (mentioned here as far as possible) and this is an addition to this book in English Version.

Swami says “the miracles are named as black Yamuna because miracles are only for ignorant (ignorance is Tamas quality, which is black) people to generate and develop faith in God. Generation of faith is in atheists and development of faith is in devotees of low level aspiring for solutions of their personal problems. Scholars of high level devotion serve God without aspiration for any fruit in return. In spite of this fact, miracles are essential for the initial attraction of the attention of the devotees like the external khaki colour dress of a police official. Once the pick-up is gained, I reduced the frequency of miracles to divert the attention to God from selfish solutions and stressed on the spiritual knowledge by the propagation of which alone God is pleased. Miracles serve the devotees to pacify their selfishness through solving their problems. Propagation of spiritual knowledge for the welfare of souls pleases God through sacrifice without aspiring for any fruit in return”.

We like to present a brief picture of the spiritual knowledge of Swami as mentioned below, for the propagation in this world and for the sake of which only, these miracles were frequently performed in the initial stage in a short period for initial pick-up. The first three of below mentioned topics were explained in the speeches of Swami given in the recent conference of ‘First World Parliament on Spirituality-2012’ conducted in Hyderabad, India.

Glimpse of Spiritual Knowledge of Swami

1) Unimaginable God: God created the space as the first item, which is very subtle form of energy only (not nothing). Before the generation of space, it can’t exist in its cause like a pot in the mud. This means that God, cause of space, is not having space in Him. This results that God is beyond space or the spatial dimensions and hence can never be imagined by any brain. God, the generator of space like fire generating smoke (the end boundary of smoke will be fire) and the end boundary of this creation is unimaginable God. Since you can never touch (even imagine) the unimaginable God, the end boundary of space becomes infinite or untouchable.

2) Unity of Worldly Religions: The unimaginable God gets mediated by different imaginable media (items of imaginable creation) becoming different mediated Gods of various worldly religions. The difference is only in the external imaginable media and not in the internal unimaginable God. This is the unity in diversity. When two countries are disconnected in the past time, let us assume that a religion came in one country, which didn’t reach the other disconnected country immediately in which several generations have gone without knowing the religious Gospel of God in the other country. The souls of these generations have gone to hell unnecessarily for their no fault since the other religion didn’t reach them. The other religion says that the people, who didn’t follow their Gospel will go to hell. Is it not partiality of God to a specific country? The other religion says that their God created this earth and all the humanity on it. Then, why is this partiality of Divine Father to a specific country without reason? Good and bad people exist in every country. The other religion can’t answer this question. But, we answer this, removing the rubbed partiality on God. Our answer is—the unimaginable God came to every country in a specific imaginable medium and preached the same syllabus of spiritual knowledge in their languages. Those, who followed the syllabus (not language) go to God and those who deviate from syllabus go to hell. By this, no injustice happened to anybody of any generation in any disconnected country due to lack communication. Hence, there is no partiality of the one unimaginable God! Every religion says that their God (by virtue of a specific medium of God) alone created this earth. Unfortunately, there is only one earth!, which means that only one God must have existed. That one God is the inner unimaginable God, who is not seen (not even imagined) by any religious soul since the soul sees only the different external media and gets clutched in the false concept of different Gods. One can follow own religion, even in conservative way, without criticising other religions. To avoid this split, ‘Universal Religion’ stands as the Central Government and every human being is in its own religion only as under the State Government (one’s own religion is the state). Being in your own religion, you can affiliate to Universal Religion since both are complimentary to each other. Swami gave correlation of the Veda, the Bible and the Quran in detail as can be seen in the above referred website.

3) Spiritual Knowledge in Education System: In the ancient times, kings gave lot of place for spiritual knowledge throughout the education system starting from basic level itself. By this, every citizen developed faith in God along with fear to Him. By this an in-built resistance to sin was developed in every citizen since the omniscient God knows everything to punish the sinner by His omnipotence. The present education system without spiritual knowledge anywhere develops citizens to do sins by escaping the human law. If one escapes the law here, one need not worry to do sins since there is no God to punish them as per atheism. The external controlling agencies fail to control sin since these also become corrupt based on the above concept only. In ancient times, administration was very simple due to the absence of these external agencies like courts, police etc. It is only hypocrisy to say that one can resist sins even without faith in God. This is not logically justified also due to the absence of any damage if one escapes the law here after doing the sin. The sin is controlled either by fear to God or by Love to God. Love (devotion) to God reduces love in the worldly bonds (mainly with money, life partner and issues called as three Eshanas meaning strong iron chains) by which sin is reduced. Serious sin like corruption of money is done only due to fascination to these family bonds. People misunderstand Krishna as a thief stealing butter (money) from the houses of Gopikas (sages born as cowherd ladies) and for dancing with them. God Krishna is testing the strength of their worldly bonds with money and life partner before their strong bond to God. Gopikas were in the highest level of devotion to God and these tests were done by God before giving them the final salvation. Krishna never did like this in His entire life after leaving Gopikas in His native village since there was no devotee of such high level other than Gopikas. People with little knowledge only criticize the deep actions of God.

4) Unity of Sub-religions in Hinduism: Hinduism is a micro model of ‘Universal Religion’ (containing all the worldly religions) having mainly three sub-religious philosophies called as Advaita, Vishishtaadvaita and Dvaita, quarrelling with each other like the worldly religions. Swami wrote 100 books in Sanskrit on the Unity of these three Philosophies (mentioned in detail in website). The first says God and soul are one and the same. The second says that Soul is inseparable part of God. The third says that soul is totally different from God (except that both are made of the same awareness). Swami says that God and soul are 100% different without a single similarity since soul is a tiny part of imaginable creation where as the creator-God is totally unimaginable (unless taken as mediated). Swami says that the divine preachers of above three philosophies (Shankara, Raamaanuja and Madhva respectively) are incarnations of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma only existing in one Dattatreya. Therefore, all the three don’t contradict each other being one and the same. The basic slipping point here is that these three philosophies are confined to the concept of the human incarnation of God only and don’t apply to God and ordinary soul. The human incarnation is like a metallic wire (soul) electrified by electricity (God). All the three concepts are one and the same simultaneously appearing different from the different angles of perception. 1) Electrified Wire (soul in the human incarnation) and electricity (God) are one and the same since you can’t isolate both and the wire gives shock (property of electricity) wherever touched (Shankara). 2) Electricity is the main powerful component and the inseparable-insignificant component is wire. Electricity is stream of electrons whereas metallic wire is the chain of crystals. Both electricity (God) and wire (soul) in the human incarnation are basically different. 3) Electricity and wire are totally different as either is not the other. Both are separable at any time by withdrawing electricity from wire. God leaves the soul of the human incarnation at the end. All these three philosophies are different stages of a devotee in identifying the human incarnation as God. The devotee takes the human incarnation as son of man (dvaita), son of God (Vishistaadvaita) and God directly (Advaita) as he moves up in the spiritual path. The quarrels come only when you discuss about the electricity present in the power house (God beyond world) and a non-electrified wire present in your house (ordinary soul). These quarrels are solved by the Philosophy of Swami, which says that there is no scope of comparison between these two disconnected unimaginable God and imaginable soul. Since soul is an item of imaginable creation, science can apply to the analysis of soul and we can understand that soul or nervous energy is a specific work form of inert energy functioning in a specific system called brain and nervous system. An ordinary soul can’t be compared to the unimaginable God in anyway and hence the above three philosophies deal only with a specific soul merged with God in specific context of human incarnation.

5) Blind Recitation of the Veda in Hinduism: In Hindu rituals, the Veda is blindly recited. Neither audience nor the priest reciting the Veda understands even a single alphabet of the Veda. The most unfortunate state is that the meaning of the word ‘Veda’ is knowledge or to know! Swami says that this blind recitation of the scripture in the rituals should be stopped and the priest can read by seeing the book also (as done in other religions) and should explain the knowledge of the scripture that benefits everybody. In every religion, the scripture is in the mother tongue so that even mere recitation gives at least some knowledge to everybody. In Hinduism, the scripture was written in the ancient times when Sanskrit was the mother tongue. Today, none understands Sanskrit and hence either the scripture should be translated in to mother tongue or every Hindu should learn Sanskrit or at least, the priest should explain the Sanskrit version in mother tongue. Due to lack of knowledge of scripture, several atrocities entered and a few samples are:

a) Performing Homa or Yajna by Pouring Ghee into Fire: Agni or fire is mentioned as hungry person (his hunger fire is Vaishwaanara agni or God as per Gita) should be pacified by giving food with ghee (ghee means food fried by ghee as per the concept of lakshana in the scripture). Unable to understand the meaning of the Veda, the middle aged blind reciters (who blindly recite the Veda) of the Veda started pouring down ghee in physical fire causing environmental pollution in addition to smokes leading to natural calamities. The Veda says that a scholar with spiritual knowledge is abode of all deities and when he is satisfied by the given food that reaches all the deities, deities will help in giving rains. Even a light lit for God is only a simile for destroying the darkness-ignorance by the knowledge-light. Once this point is realized, no need of lights for God.

b) Vedic Hymn called as Gayatri: There is a Vedic hymn in a meter called Gayatri and so Gayatri is not a deity. Gayatri literally means a special style of worship of God through sweet devotional songs. Hence, Gayatri is only the Universal best mode of worship of God and not a specific Vedic hymn prescribed to a specific caste and specific gender. Due to absence of the Vedic knowledge and Sanskrit grammar, Gayatri is misunderstood as a deity and as specific hymn prescribed to a caste and a gender.

6) Concept of Contemporary Human Incarnation: When a soul is in a human body on this earth, the unimaginable God comes down in the same human medium, to see and talk with humans for clearing all their doubts in the spiritual knowledge to give right direction in the spiritual path. When the soul leaves this earth, after death of the human body, it takes up an energetic form to go to the upper worlds. In the upper worlds, the unimaginable God is in the energetic form called as Divine Father. God takes up the common medium of the souls for free mixing and interaction so that the true spiritual knowledge can be preached in this world as well as in the upper worlds. This is the best convenient way for the souls. But, unfortunately, there is repulsion between common media of God and soul, as a result of which the souls reject God here as well as there due to their ego and jealousy towards co-souls in the same medium. Thus, the soul is missing human incarnation here and energetic incarnation there. The soul loses God everywhere. Unless, the soul defeats its jealousy and ego and recognize the human incarnation here, it can’t recognize the Divine Father there also due to ego and jealousy towards co-medium following the soul. The unimaginable God in several human media are Krishna, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Mahavir Jain etc., and you should note the unity (unimaginable God) in diversity (external human forms).

7) Behaviour in World and Devotion to God: Pravrutti means the administration of this world in which the soul has responsibility to follow the divine laws to keep peace and balance in the society, breaking which, causes anger in God. Only very few devotees of highest level of devotion are in Nivrutti, which is the personal relationship with God. Pravrutti- devotee is like an employee in the office of a big Boss, following all the discipline of the office. Such an employee is promoted for merits (heaven) or punished for sins (hell) and hence, the Pravrutti-devotee should be very careful every time like the baby catching the stomach of the mother monkey. The Nivrutti devotee is like a family member of the Boss, selected from the employees of the office only, about whom, God takes care of the devotee like the mother cat catching its baby by its mouth. If a devotee fails in the basic Pravrutti itself, selection for Nivrutti level is impossible. You can’t please God by failing in your discipline in the world violating the commandments of God for worldly life. Pravrutti and Nivrutti are complementary to each other and do not contradict mutually.

8) Path to Salvation: Any devotee gets salvation (liberation from worldly bonds) only by the strong bond formed to God. When bond to God is strongly formed, liberation from other bonds is a natural consequence of the attachment to God and no special effort is needed for it. You must never try for detachment from world (salvation), which takes place as a natural consequence of devotion to God. True love to God is that when you sacrifice for God without aspiration for any fruit in return through miracles. Knowledge and love for devotees are like inseparable beauty and colour of God and miracles are His separable jewels (since these jewels can be gifted to others, you find even demons performing miracles, who get these from Divine Father through rigid penance). Hence, knowledge and love only are identity marks of God and not miracles. The fruit of such highest devotion is to become human incarnation of God or even to become master of God! When you propagate the spiritual knowledge to others, you are also revising concepts for yourself simultaneously. Only spiritual knowledge can bring total and permanent reformation of soul after which no sin is repeated and all the past sins are smashed (punishment is only for temporary reformation and not for vengeance). As long as you participate in the propagation, you will not be touched in the hell since your file is kept pending by the recommendation of God not to disturb you involved in the divine service. One day or other, you will also be reformed by this propagation and your file of all past sins also gets smashed.

9) Real Devotion to God: There are three types of devotion in the case devotees of Pravrutti and Nivrutti: i) Prostitute type: Devotees try to get practical benefits from God in exchange for their theoretical devotion like prayers and songs. ii) Business type: Exchange of theoretical fruit like intelligence etc., for theoretical devotion and exchange of practical fruit for practical sacrifice. iii) Nivrutti type: There is no aspiration of any fruit from God for their sacrifice. In Nivrutti, the practical fruit is got for the practical service as above, but, there is no qualitative and quantitative equality in the exchange since this is not business at all. It is only based on the requirement of devotee. A son brings his salary and gives to his mother. His mother serves him with the food and other facilities without the account since there is no aspiration for fruit on either side.

Hanuman (Nivrutti) used Himself in the service of God without any fruit in return and became God by having several temples. Arjuna (Pravrutti) used God for his work and hence no temple is there for Arjuna. The practical service to God is in two ways: i) Karma samnyasa or sacrifice of work and ii) Karmaphala tyaga or sacrifice of fruit of work (money). A saint can do first type only whereas the house holder can do both. Money is matter and work is energy. Since both are inter-convertible, service (work) and sacrifice (fruit of work) in any way is one and the same as per the convenience. You are doing both types for your worldly bonds and give at least equal place to God in the first stage.

10) The Dual Knowledge of Human Incarnation {about i) God and human being component are different and God does everything while the human being component gets the credit being blessed devotee and ii) The human being component itself is God since God merged with it perfectly because God Himself wants to appear before the devotees as that human form and this is the only alternative way for God} is useful to shift to any side as the devotee shifts from faith to doubt. Hence, the dual knowledge is not to confuse fully surrendered devotees to human incarnation (by saying that the human being component is not God), but to use it whenever these surrendered devotees change their faith to doubt partially (dual knowledge is used since both faith and doubt co-exist) or totally (knowledge regarding the human being component as a devotee only is used).


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