Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


114. Proof of the soul's limited control

इन्द्रोऽपि स्तब्धो नराणामपि दर्शनात्।११४।
indro'pi stabdho narāṇāmapi darśanāt|114|

Even Indra was paralyzed and such a state is also seen in human beings.


Even the nature of the self, which is the process of thinking, is under the control of God. Even the soul of Indra, the king of angels, was paralyzed by Lord Shiva in one incident. The soul of Indra could not function at all and it lost its characteristic of thinking. When this is the case of Indra, the soul of a human being is nothing before the Lord. When a human being enters the state of coma, the process of thinking stops and this proves that the soul has no control even on itself.


Does Indra also have a body like us?

Indra, an angel, has an energetic body (soul in an energetic body). An energetic body is not a material body. It is a body made of light. Once Jesus had shown a vision on the hill to His disciples. Three bodies of light appeared, including Jesus. This is an example of for the existence of energetic bodies.

If thinking stops in a coma, then it is like deep sleep, which should be enjoyable! Why is it a punishment?

In the state of coma, some awareness is there, but the higher functions of the brain are suspended. In the case of deep sleep, awareness totally disappears. So a coma is almost like deep sleep but not completely, since there is some small amount of functioning of the nervous system.

* * *