Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


136. Blank space is not beyond creation

अज्ञानात् अतीतं मूलाकाशातीतमसाध्यम्।१३६।
ajñānāt atītaṁ mūlākāśātītamasādhyam|136|

By ignorance one may think that blank space is beyond creation, but for anybody it is impossible to cross space.


On analysis, it is found that the all pervading God is also mediated and not original God. In the absence of analysis, you will assume that all pervading God is original and non-mediated God. Such assumption is due to ignorance only. It is impossible to imagine the unimaginable God. Even if you leave every thing and make your mind blank and empty, still your mind is thinking the empty space only, which is the basic primordial energy. By ignorance, you are thinking that you have surpassed all the creation and that you are thinking about the original God, who is beyond the creation. If you analyze, your mind cannot cross the ultimate space or primordial energy. You have not crossed the creation, but you have reached the ultimate plane of the creation, which is space or Mula Maya.

* * *