Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


184. Contradiction is removed based on repulsion of common media

समोपाधिविरोधात् उभयधा गीतनानावतारात्।१८४।
samopādhivirodhāt ubhayadhā gītanānāvatārāt|184|

Due to the repulsion of common media, both possibilities are correlated and the basis is that same Krishna is reincarnating again and again as per the Gita.


This contradiction is removed, if the total essence of the Gita is realized. Throughout the Gita, Krishna projected Himself everywhere. This is not projection of His individual personality. It is only emphasis of the contemporary human form of God. Krishna says that He incarnates again and again in this world (Yada yadahi..). If you consider Krishna’s Incarnation only and neglect His other incarnations, it is foolish because the other incarnations are also the same Krishna as per the Gita itself. The devotee, who recognizes and serves the contemporary Human Incarnation, controlling the repulsion of the common media, also recognizes God in the energetic form in the upper world by controlling the same repulsion. In such a case, He lives in Brahma Loka for ever. The devotee who neglects the contemporary human form in this world due to the principle of repulsion also will not recognize the energetic form of God in the upper world due to the same repulsion. In this case, the soul returns back. Hence, both cases are possible. In the first case Brahma Loka is eternal and in the second case Brahma Loka is non-eternal from which the soul returns back. Thus, the contradiction is removed.

* * *