Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


27. God is beyond worldly logic

सर्वकृत् सर्वयोनित्वात् गुणशासी न लोकतर्क्यम्।२७।
sarvakṛt sarvayonitvāt guṇaśāsī na lokatarkyam|27|

God being the source of all items of creation and their properties, can do everything without being them. Items have specific properties only by His order. God is beyond worldly logic.


Creation contains various items. Each item has certain prescribed qualities. All the items and their qualities are generated from God alone. Only by the will of God does a quality exist in a particular item. No item has any inherent quality by itself. It is only by the order of God that an item has a particular quality. If God wishes, the qualities may change. By the will of God, fire may become cold and water may become hot. In the world you recognize the item by its quality thinking that the quality is inherent of that item. Worldly logic is not the standard because it too is based only on the will of God. This worldly logic cannot be applied to the case of God, who is omnipotent and can change the quality of any item. God being the source of all qualities, can posses any quality. But simply due to that reason, God need not be concluded to be the item possessing the quality as seen in this world. Without being awareness, God can wish. Without being fire, God can burn anything. Hence, you should not apply the logic of identifying items by their qualities to God as in the case of this world. A quality indicates the potential work of the item. Burning is a quality and is also the potential work of the item (fire). Therefore, God can have any quality and is potent to do any work.

* * *