Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


46. Only the Incarnation's body is the holy place

इदमिति निर्देशात् नाभावसर्वाभ्याम्।४६।
idamiti nirdeśāt nābhāvasarvābhyām|46|

The Lord is denoting His body alone by the word 'this'. If the Lord meant the body of every human being, this denoting word would be absent or a word like 'all' would have been used there.


The Lord says in the Gita that ‘this body’ is the kshetram. The word ‘this’ denotes only a single body. The word ‘this man’ denotes only one specific person. If the Lord meant that the body of every human being is a kshetram, He would not have used the word ‘this’. Then the statement would be ‘the body is said to be kshetram’. Alternatively, the Lord would have used the word ‘every’ before body so that the statement becomes ‘every body is called as kshetram’. Both these options are not used in the verse. Hence, the word ‘this’ denotes the body of the Lord alone.

* * *