Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


9. Unimaginable nature of God

आम्नाय विस्तराच्च।९।
āmnāya vistarācca|9|

The unimaginable nature of God is elaborated in the Veda by various statements.


The Veda clearly elaborates the unimaginable nature of God through the following statements: “Words cannot give knowledge of God” (Yatovaachah, Na tatra vaak…). “Even the mind cannot touch God” (Apraapya manasaa saha). “Intelligence cannot reach God” (Namedhayaa, Yo buddheh paratah…). “You cannot understand God through logic” (Naishaa tarkena…, Atarkyah…). “The senses cannot grasp God” (Nachakshushaa…, Aprameyah…, Atindriyam…). All these statements have elaborated the concept of the unimaginable nature of God that cannot be imagined by any means.


What is meant by “Words cannot touch God?”

Words cannot touch God means that no word can be used to indicate God. It does not mean that when we pray, He does not hear us. All the properties and all the items in creation are generated from Him. Even the process of hearing is generated from Him. So, He has the power of hearing. He hears without being a person. One should not think that He does not hear. He is unimaginable, but He hears, He sees and He can talk. He can talk without being awareness. Sometimes, the speech comes from space (Akasha Vani) [1]. He does not need any medium. It only proves that He can speak without any medium. If He speaks like that, you will develop some astonishment and thrill but you will not pay attention to the meaning of what He spoke. When He enters a human form and speaks through it, you will not get unnecessarily excited. Suppose Jesus is preaching to you in person, you will listen to what He is preaching. However, if the same speech of Jesus comes from space, your attention will be diverted towards the miracle rather than the meaning of His words.

How can the scriptures, which are imaginable by themselves, describe the unimaginable nature of God?

Some medium is necessary for communication. The fact that God is unimaginable, can be explained or conveyed only through a medium of language. The medium is only a worldly item and it conveys some information about God. However, with that information, you have not got even the slightest direct information about God. The only information that was conveyed was that, God is unknowable. All you came to know about God from the scripture was that God is unknowable. If one does not know even that aspect, then God would be completely unknown and then there would not be even a mention or discussion about God.

What is knowledge about God?

The only possible knowledge about God is that God is unknowable. What is the use of such knowledge about God? Suppose you mistake some knowable item to be God, then after logical discussion, you will realize that it is not God. This is also knowledge of God. It is knowledge related to God. First you have to know that you are not God. Then you should know what the path to please God is. All these are knowable. Only God is unknowable. But this unknowable God also becomes knowable! How? When He incarnates in human form, He becomes knowable through the medium.

[1] Miraculous voice heard from the sky.

* * *