Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


95. Relation between the unimaginable God and imaginable creation

ऊह्यानूह्य बन्धाभावात् न पर्याप्तम्।९५।
ūhyānūhya bandhābhāvāt na paryāptam|95|

The simile is not complete in all aspects because God is unimaginable and the world is imaginable. Moreover, the third factor, binding energy, does not apply to God.


You are comparing the mud and the pot to God and the world respectively, in the process of creation. The simile is correct in only one aspect, which is that the pot is produced from the mud. Apart from this aspect, the simile is not capable of explaining the process of generation [of the world], which is unimaginable. The mud and the pot are imaginable items and hence the process of generation is also imaginable. But here, God is unimaginable and the world is imaginable. The process of generation between unimaginable and imaginable items must be unimaginable, because only a process of generation between two imaginable items can be imaginable. In the simile, the binding energy is a third factor, which does not exist in the case of God and the world. The world is produced from God without the association of any other factor.

* * *