Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 05 Nov 2018


Are women suffering unfairly for Indra's sin by way of menstruation?

Shri Anil asked:- Padanamaskaram Swami! In Your message regarding supreme court verdict on Sabarimala issue you mentioned that 'Indra divided his sins into four equal parts and transferred it to four items. They are the earth, water, flowers, and women. 'Is it unfair for women to suffer for the sin of Indra. Women also suffer due to pain during giving birth to a child, such problem men do not have. Is it not the prarabdha of that female soul?

Swami replied: O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! The menstrual cycle in women is a gynaecological phenomenon. When the ovum is not fertilized, the pre-prepared layer for receiving the fertilized ovum gets broken down and is released as menstrual blood. The inconvenience faced by women in pregnancy and delivery is compensated by the great joy of motherhood. Since blood is lost during menstruation, it is assumed to be the fruit of the sin of Indra. There is no additional loss for women because of that assumption. The menstrual cycle is necessary in any case for producing children, who are the future generation of humanity. Moreover, the inconvenience of menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth are compensated by the joy of motherhood. The earth, water and flowers are not suffering because they acquired odor, froth and pollen, respectively. Then how can we say that women are suffering due to the menstrual cycle? The main point of the earlier discussion was about the holiness or unholiness of menstruation. My answer was related to that main point.