Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Jan 2016


Please elaborate on 'Love to children will spoil them'

[2016-01-10, Mr. Anil asked: You mentioned that love to children will spoil them and the love shall be diverted to God for their benefit. Kindly please elaborate.]

You must concentrate all your love to God without an iota left over for the world. This is the state of climax in spiritual effort. Generally, love, expressed, spoils the children as we often see it in the world. The real love should be hidden in the heart to do real help to the children for their development. Their worldly life is the externally seen tree. The root for the tree is hidden in the earth and forms the basic support of the tree. Similarly, the God is the support of this worldly life and also the support in the upper worlds. Your real love to the children will be appreciated if you divert all your love to God so that God loves them as the children of His devotee, which results in everlasting protection. Still, a better effort will be more fruitful if you inculcate devotion in their minds to love God like you so that their children also will be protected. The children being the issues of a devotee and being themselves devotees will get the reinforced blessings from God. Your love often expressed in words has no practical value and also spoils them. You can divert the time of your expression of love to them in inducing love to God in their brains. The parents should not waste their time but utilize the time in positive direction.