Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 27 Oct 2018


Since sperm and ova contain no soul, does it not prove that God introduces the soul after fertilization?

Shri Lakshman asked:- Pada Namaskarams I put forth my humble question as follows. No sperms or ovaries contain souls otherwise it would mean killing of souls when they get destroyed. After fertilization soul is introduced by God only is my presumption. Is this one fundamental point not enough to defeat the atheists? Regards, Lakshman

Swami replied:  The Brahma Sutras clearly confirm whatever you have said above. But science says that the sperm and ovum have the inherent potentialities to generate a fertilized ovum, which gives rise to the baby. The scripture also says that God guides the soul from the upper worlds, through several intermediate worlds, down to earth and finally into the father’s sperm. Then alone does the sperm unite with the ovum to give birth to the baby. This theory supports the rebirth of the soul. The concept is even proved through perception, by several cases throughout the world, where persons reveal details about their previous birth. But these atheists do not believe even the genuine miracles which are clearly observed. They even deny the miracles that are proved through direct perception! Do you think that such rigid atheists will believe these concepts and thereby believe in God? Can you kill a person with a mere iron sword, when he is not affected even by the Brahmaastra? It is possible to bring vision to blind eyes through surgery. But no surgery can ever rectify the blind mind!