Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Aug 2022


Please explain the original concepts Jihad, Halal practiced in Islam?

[Smt. Sudha asked: Jaya Guru Datta Swami. Padanamaskaram Swami. Thank You. Swami for Your kind concern in every minute of my life. Enlightening me to understand the experience of Your kind grace in this life. To establish peace in the world, the establishment of Universal Spirituality is a must. Few traditions that You started in Islam like Jihad, Halal are misunderstood as the hurdles to establish peace and social integrity among two sects, I feel. Please explain the original concept Swami. I pray to remove the hidden fear of Hindus for future generations. At Your lotus feet, Sudha.]

Swami replied:- Jihad is to fight against injustice. It is good provided the action is done in its original sense. In the name of Jihad, you should not fight against justice colouring it as injustice. This is the point where one has to be very very careful. It is very clear that in the name Jihad, unjust fights are taking place. Prophet Mohammad followed this Jihad to unite several religions who were fighting with each other causing bloodshed since every religion had its own specific God. Prophet made a final bloodshed in order to stop continuous bloodsheds. Even in Hinduism, this concept is accepted. Krishna made a huge bloodshed in order to fight against injustice and to bring the rule of justice. Mohammad was the human incarnation of God like Krishna. Hence, there is no possibility of error in the Jihad conducted by them.

Jihad is somewhat better than ‘halaal’. Halaal is killing animals and birds in the name of God for non-vegetarian food. God has given sufficient vegetarian food to all the living beings. Non-vegetarian food brings several diseases as per the World Health Organization. The digestion of non-vegetarian food takes a very long time compared to the very short time taken for the digestion of vegetarian food. In spite of all these disadvantages, people are killing animals and birds for non-vegetarian food. Hindu scriptures say that the highest sin is killing animals and birds just for food (Ahiṃsā paramo dharmaḥ). One will understand the pain experienced by the animal or bird in the killing provided the killer imagines placing himself in the position of the bird and animal! In fact, the killer will experience this pain practically in the next birth. The non-vegetarian food is called as ‘Maamsah’, which is the starting word of the full sentence thought by the animal or bird being killed since it thinks that it will kill the killer in the similar way in the next birth. The full sentence of the bird or animal is ‘Māṃ saḥ yathā mārayati, paścāt janmani tathā tam ahaṃ vadhiṣyāmi’. In Hinduism also, this halaal exists as it is, which is killing the bird or animal for food in the name of God. The living–being, being killed is offered to God or Goddess (bali).

In these two concepts (Jihaad and halaal), already Islam and Hinduism are perfectly united and there is no need of any trial for the reunion of the two religions. We cannot find merit with any one of these two religions since both are faulty. None of these two religions need fear from the other religion in this aspect. Universal Spirituality tries to remove this sin from both the religions. Hence, one religion need not fear from another religion in this concept. The only difference is that all Muslims take non-vegetarian food and only some Hindus take vegetarian food.