Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


176. Awareness is never independently associated with inert energy

क्वचिदपि देवदेहात् बहिः जडशक्तिलेशस्य चिदभावात्।१७६।
kvacidapi devadehāt bahiḥ jaḍaśaktileśasya cidabhāvāt|176|

Nowhere in creation is awareness seen even in a small part of independent inert energy, which is away from the energetic body.


In no place in creation does inert energy is independently associated with awareness. You are referring to the inert energy present in the energetic body of the angel and not referring to the independent inert energy associated with awareness outside the energetic body of angels. Since you fail to show even a small part of the independent inert energy in creation associated with awareness, it is meaningless to try to establish the entire inert cosmic energy to be associated with awareness. Hence the energetic body of the angel must have some subtle nervous system of solid state to generate awareness in the angel, if you are not willing to introduce the unimaginable power of God by which the awareness can exist in angels even without the nervous system. In fact, the subtle nervous system made of very subtle matter exists in angels to generate awareness. As far as possible, the creation follows the rules of nature without the interference of the super power of God.

* * *