Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


175. Energetic bodies are not proof of inert energy having awareness

अद्रव्यचित् देवेषु नेह जडशक्तिं गमयति।१७५।
adravyacit deveṣu neha jaḍaśaktiṁ gamayati|175|

The awareness in the angels without the solid nervous system cannot establish that the inert energy found in the living beings on earth, is always associated with awareness.


If you argue that since the awareness exists in the energetic bodies of angels, in which the solid nervous system is absent, and hence the inert energy has the possibility of awareness without the solid nervous system, your argument is straightly rejected by one simple point. According to your argument, if the inert energy can have awareness without the association of the solid state of matter, the inert energy seen in this world, does not exhibit awareness anywhere. In the case of angels, you have to accept the unimaginable technology of the unimaginable God to generate awareness. The unimaginable technology itself indicates the existence of the unimaginable component in it and thereby establishing the existence of unimaginable God. In fact, in angels the energetic body has a nervous system of matter which is highly subtle beyond our perception. Even if we establish the inert energy having awareness through its unimaginable power, as God, the same inert energy in living beings requiring nervous system for the generation of awareness cannot be concluded as God, based on the same argument itself. Hence the possibility of inert energy having awareness is ruled out as far as the practical perception of this creation (human beings) is concerned.

* * *