Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


193. God is the Possessor of special knowledge

गुणातिशयो गुणी प्रज्ञानमभिज्ञानं प्रज्ञाता तत्।१९३।
guṇātiśayo guṇī prajñānamabhijñānaṁ prajñātā tat|193|

The possessor of an excess of any quality is mentioned by that quality itself. Hence, the special knowledge means the possessor of it and it stands as the identity mark of the possessor.


The above Vedic statement does not mean that the special spiritual knowledge itself is God. It is only an identification mark of the human body into which God entered. The possessor of any quality in excess can be denoted by the very quality itself as per Sanskrit grammar, which is the personification of the quality. For example, it is said that no age shall be seen in the case of potency (tejasam hi na vayah). Here the potency itself has no age. Here potency means the possessor of the potency personified. Similarly, the word Prajnanam means the possessor of Prajnanam, through personification. Hence it means that the possessor of exceptional spiritual knowledge is God.

* * *