Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


194. Awareness, human body and Krishna: progressive indicators

चिन्मनुष्यवासुदेवः क्रमेण तरतमसूचिकाः।१९४।
cinmanuṣyavāsudevaḥ krameṇa taratamasūcikāḥ|194|

The awareness, human body and Vasudeva gradually specify God with more and more accuracy.


The awareness is the basic material of any knowledge. Hence, the awareness can stand as a broad step of the address of God. This means the Incarnation of God is available in the living beings only, which are characterized by mere awareness. This means that God will not be available in inert objects. The human body is like the specific street and the awareness is like the name of the city in which the street exists. The name of the city denies the address in the other cities. The name of the street denies the address in other streets. At the same time the name of street does not mean that every house in that street is the address in which a specific person is available. Hence, the human body does not mean that God is available in every human body. The specific number of the house denies the address in other houses. Vasudeva is the number of the house in which God lives (Vasudevah sarvamiti…—Gita). Here, Vasudeva means the contemporary Human Incarnation in any specific generation and not the particular Vasudeva who was specific Human Incarnation in one past specific generation only.

* * *