Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


195. In case of ordinary human: Brahman means 'greatest in the category'

सामान्ये पञ्चकोशब्रह्मार्थो योगे।१९५।
sāmānye pañcakośabrahmārtho yoge|195|

In the case of an ordinary human being, the five categories or koshas are praised as Brahman to mean greatest in a category as per the root meaning.


 In the analysis of the five categories (panchakosha), the food, respiration, awareness as mind, awareness more developed as intelligence and bliss, we can take either an ordinary human being or the Human Incarnation. If we take the case of an ordinary human being, each category becomes greatest and can be called as Brahman to indicate the maximum greatness in certain specified viscinity. The word Brahman indicates greatness by its root meaning (Yoga). The intensive happiness or bliss is also treated as limited (kosha), which means that for any human being, happiness is not unlimited. The specialty of knowledge that any human being possesses can be taken as prajnanam, which is greater than the knowledge of all the other living beings. Thus a special scholar is appreciated as Brahman or a very great person among all the human beings. If a human soul is referred to, the word Brahman stands only for maximum greatness.

* * *