Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


235. The soul is relatively unimaginable; God is permanently unimaginable

वलभिनभोवत् स्पर्शभेदो नोह्यताविशेषात्।२३५।
valabhinabhovat sparśabhedo nohyatāviśeṣāt|235|

As in the case of the roof of the house and sky, there is difference in the effort to touch. God and the soul differ in the concept of unimaginable nature.


There are some unimaginable items, which can become imaginable after some time by putting some special effort of understanding. The awareness is such unimaginable item that can be slowly understood by scientific analysis. By this, you cannot generalize that every unimaginable item becomes imaginable by putting special effort. There can be a really unimaginable item which can never be understood by any effort. For example, the roof of the house cannot be touched by your hand. But by long practice of high jumps, one day, you may touch the roof. By this, you cannot generalize and say that you can touch anything by effort. You cannot touch the sky by putting any amount of tedious effort even through out your entire life. The subtle inert energy is almost unimaginable for a layman. But a scholar or scientist can understand it by special analysis. This does not mean that you can understand God by long effort through special analysis, who is always unimaginable. Soul is unimaginable to ignorant people but is imaginable to scholars. God is unimaginable to all. The soul is unimaginable to some people, where as, God is unimaginable to all. You cannot take unimaginable nature as common point between God and soul and say that God is soul. The difference in the unimaginable nature must be noted to avoid this wrong conclusion.

* * *