Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


236. The soul becomes imaginable but God never does

आत्मादृश्यते गीतस्स उभयत्र श्रुतिसमन्वयात्।२३६।
ātmādṛśyate gītassa ubhayatra śrutisamanvayāt|236|

The soul is visualized but not God. In the Gita, in both places God is spoken. The analysis needs reference to Vedic correlation.


Veda says that the soul is understood by shrewd analysis and here the soul is the subject and not God (Drushyate tvagrayaa..). Here, the subject cannot be God since Veda again says that God can never been understood by intelligence and analysis (Namedhayaa…, Naishaatarkena…). Otherwise, there will be contradiction between two Vedic statements. In Gita, Krishna says that nobody can understand Him (mamtuvedana…) and here the subject is God. Again, Krishna says that some blessed soul can understand Him essentially (Kaschitmam….). Here also the subject is God. This appears to be a contradiction. But the word ‘essentially’ means that God existing in human incarnation can be realized as unimaginable after filtering the entire medium. It again means that God is unimaginable. To support this meaning, a similar Vedic quotation can be shown, which says that one must know God as unknown (Yasyaamatam…).

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