Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


33. Awareness is both a metaphor and medium for God

अन्ये ज्योतिरादयो रूपकप्रतीका अत्मोपाधिरपि।३३।
anye jyotirādayo rūpakapratīkā atmopādhirapi|33|

The soul indicated by awareness stands as both, a representative model or simile, as well as the medium. Other inert items like light etc., only stand as representative models or similes in the form of a metaphor.


To explain an aspect of God, any item in the world, inert or living, can be taken as a simile or a representative model. Therefore, the soul of an ordinary human being can also be taken as a simile for God. But a specific soul like Krishna can also act as the medium, because God enters a specific soul as a Human Incarnation. God does not enter any inert object to become an Incarnation. When God is said to be the light, the light only stands as a simile but not a medium. In a simile, the comparison is clear. In a metaphor, the simile is not clear even though it is also a comparison. When a simile is stressed in comparison, it becomes a metaphor. In a simile we say that someone’s face is like the moon. Here the word ‘like’ clearly exposes the simile. In a metaphor we say that the face is the moon. In a metaphor, the comparison is hidden to stress the similarity between the face and the moon.

* * *