Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


32. Creation is generated from God in an unimaginable way

कार्यं तु न तर्क्यं विनोदाय पुत्त्रीजायार्थे श्रुतगीतम्।३२।
kāryaṁ tu na tarkyaṁ vinodāya putrījāyārthe śrutagītam|32|

This creation is generated from God and hence can be treated as His daughter. In the world, any effect gets the qualities of its cause. But the imaginable world gets no quality of the unimaginable God. Hence, creation is a separate individual entity giving entertainment to God and can be treated as His wife. God is beyond the worldly logic of cause and effect.


It is said that Brahma [1] married His own daughter, Sarswati. The inner meaning is not understood. Daughter means that the world is created by God. In the world any product gets the qualities of its cause. The color of gold is seen in its chain. But in the world, the cause and effect are both imaginable items. Now although the world is imaginable, God, its cause, is unimaginable. Hence, this case of God and the world is beyond the normal logic of worldly cause and effect. Hence, though the world is an effect, since it is generated from God, it is also not an effect, since the qualities of the Cause have not entered the effect. Therefore, from the second angle, the world can be treated as an independent entity giving entertainment to God like a wife. The Veda and the Gita are authorities for both the concepts of the world being the product of God and also of it not getting any quality of God. The Veda says that world is produced by God (Yato vaa…). The Gita also says the same (Aham sarvasya jagatah…). The Veda says that no item in the world is God, and that every item is completely different from God (Neti neti…). The Gita also says the same (Natvaham teshu…).


Qualities of cause have not entered the effect?

In case of a golden chain, gold is the cause and the chain is the effect. Qualities of gold such as the yellow color come into the chain also. Now, the qualities of God are not known to us. He is unimaginable and all the items in the world are imaginable. So the qualities of God have not entered the world. All the characteristics of God are unimaginable. In the cause-effect relationship the qualities of the cause should also enter the effect. But the world contains imaginable characteristics. Since the world is generated from God; it is the effect of the Cause. But it not like a worldly cause and a worldly effect. Worldly cause-effect cannot be applied to God. If we were to apply wordly cause-effect in this case too, then the characteristics of God would enter the world. Then the characteristic of the world also be unimaginable. If God is unimaginable then the world would also be unimaginable since the cause enters the effect. But it is not so. Anything produced from an unimaginable item must also be unimaginable. Hence, even though a cause-effect relation exists between God and the world it is not worldly cause-effect. Both gold and chain are imaginable items so worldly cause-effect applies. But here God is unimaginable. You cannot have a comparison between imaginable and unimaginable items.

[1] Creator

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