Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


93. Limitations of ancient logic

अग्नितापकणबन्धशक्तेरज्ञानात् हास्यौ।९३।
agnitāpakaṇabandhaśakterajñānāt hāsyau|93|

Both the parties should be mocked at since both are ignorant about the binding energy that is introduced into the lump of mud while the pot is heated and the binding energy is responsible for bringing water.


Both the parties are not aware of one scientific point here. In the lump of mud, the bond energy binding the mud particles is absent. It is introduced into the pot, when the pot is heated in fire. The bond energy binding the mud particles in a specific design is responsible for bringing the water. This important point is not noticed by both the parties following ancient logic and the fight between them is to be mocked.


Both Advaitins and Vishishtadvaitins have forgotten the binding energy. Here I am referring to the ancient philosophy. At the time of Shankara and Ramanuja, science was not developed. They neglected the binding energy between particles when mud is heated in the fire. The molecules of the particles get  bonded. This bonding energy is neglected in both the philosophies. They give importance only to the mud (cause). They consider only one effect—the pot. The bonding energy between the particles gives the shape (effect). The shape of the pot is based on the binding energy. If you consider the shape of the pot to be the binding energy; then it is not unreal. Energy is not unreal. If take the binding energy into the category of the cause, then the shape (effect) becomes unreal.

* * *