Shri Datta Swami

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Divine Words by Swami

The scriptures and satsangs are instrumental for attaining Jnaana yoga and in the similar way, divine songs (bhajans) are instrumental for attaining devotion or bhakti yoga. Narada, who wrote the bhakti sutras and who always chants these bhajans is worshiped by the Devaasuras. Even Asuras, who are wicked, are affected by these bhajans. Narada said that devotion is indescribable. In the bhakti sutras "Jaravachcha" and "Yadhaavrajagopikanam", he says that devotion is equivalent to the attraction of a person towards a prostitute and mentions Gopikas as an example to the devotees. In the sutra "Tanmayahite", he said that the Lord charges the devotee and becomes one with the devotee and behaves as if He is same as the devotee and the devotee is same as God. The life of a devotee that does not immerse even once in the devotion Koneru Ganga, crossing all the family bonds (six hills) and reaching a state having bond with God alone (seventh hill) is waste. Immerse yourself at least once with divine songs in the Bhakti Ganga like “shall I dip once in the lake of Your divine sweet love? O Lord Venkatesha! O Lord of my life!”