Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 13 Jul 2018


How to get direction in my life?

Shri Anil Asked:-

A person want direction in his life. His query is given below:

[Dear Friends I am once gain posting almost similar topic which I posted earlier. I changed my job and job location from Mumbai to New Delhi and in regret of that decision I went into depression. In spite of all attempt I am unable to stop regretting which may kill me. My family will suffer. They are already suffering as I am almost in sad mood all the time. Due to this I am not able to adjust in new job and new location. Regretting is my general habit which have come in vikral roop now ( big way now). I am unable to understand what should I do? Small Small things bothers me a lot. Mumbai has good climate but Delhi is very hot and very cold this also bothers me. It i will continue this way I may become mad. All of you are requested to guide me what to do. pl. don't get annoyed with this post again. By Sanjay Kumar on speakingtree.in]

Swami replied:- First, you must stop your tension realizing that tension will not only be useless in solving the problem, but also is harmful since it removes your energy that is required in the effort to solve your problem. This advice was given by Lakshmana to Rama, who was under tension when Sita was stolen by Ravana. Lakshmana is the incarnation of Adishesha, whose another incarnation is Patanjali, the author of Yoga dealing with control of mind. Hence, this advice is very much valid and shall be accepted like the first-aid-box. The permanent solution is always that you should have strong faith in God and improve your devotion to God so that He will help you in the solution of the problem.