Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Jun 2016


I receive mails from numerologists, tarot card readers.

[Dear Swamiji, This is to bring to your notice that I keep getting mails from some foreign numerologist, tarot card readers, padre, clairvoyance, medium mexican spirituality about my future career prospects. Some of them have said that some -ve influence is upon me, some say a great evil, some say that my past life was full of miseries and the time is going to get reversed now & they have also asked me not to share these messages with anybody else not even with my family. They also say that good fortune, future is ahead of me and I am likely to get solution of all my problems. I have availed a few of their services and all they do is get me some lucky nos. to play in a game of chance and they assure that I will win lacs of rupees. A game of chance like in a casino, a horse race etc. One of them also gave me some mantras to chant & ways to enhance +ve energy in me through some pictures of drawings. Could you please look into this and let me know all about this.
Your's Sincerely
-Rajat Agrawal]

Swami replied: Forget all these exploiters, who are foolish either by unnecessary over intelligence or by unavoidable ignorance. Don’t do anything suggested by them and don’t listen them at all. Worship constantly Lord Hanuman for one year with full faith and top most devotion. After one year, He will bless you with slow and steady progress in your life by which you gradually ascend the ladder without any strain. If you ascend the ladder fast, you will suffer with strain and also sometimes you may slip from the ladder. Lightening progress comes fast and also goes fast. Apart from the progress in this world, you should also try for the spiritual progress regarding the horrible fate of the soul after death. For this, go through this spiritual knowledge in your leisure times.