Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 13 Jul 2018


Is God continuously creating new parts of universe?

Shri Anil asked:-

In "GOPIKAA GIITIKAAVALII”, You mentioned the following: "Primordial power is called as Aadishakti or the first created subtle energy or Muula Prakruti that transformed into this entire creation." "Parabrahman or unimaginable God merged with Datta, the first energetic incarnation." This means that first created subtle energy is Aadishakti, then how It is different from Datta the first energetic incarnation? (i.e., in Datta already Aadishakti exits?)

[In bible newtestament, John Chapter 1: 1-5 following is given:

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2 He was with God in the beginning.

3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Can there be any co-relation between the above bible verses, with first energetic incarnation (Datta) /primordial power (if at all they can be co-related)? Kindly enlighten us.]

Swami replied:- You may have some cash with you and there may be some cash in the bank. Does this mean that both these amounts of cash shall be one and the same and does this mean that yourself and bank are one and the same? The energy of the body of the first incarnation is only a part of cosmic energy and it is the same as the cosmic energy in qualitative sense and not in quantitative sense. The unimaginable God present in the first energetic incarnation created further cosmic energy, which is qualitatively the same as that of the energetic body of Datta, but, different in quantitative sense. The quantity of energy of the energetic body of Datta is very less compared to the quantity of cosmic energy. But, the little energy of the energetic body of Datta is omnipotent since the unimaginable God merged with Datta. Adishakti is the entire cosmic energy, but, the Gopika is created by the same unimaginable God representing this entire cosmic energy. Every human being is a mini-representative model of Adishakti only like Gopika since the body and the soul are modification of the cosmic energy only. The energetic body of Datta is having relative awareness (created by the modification of inert energy) with which the unimaginable awareness or unimaginable God is merged. The awareness in the body of representative model of Adishakti (Gopika or any human being) is also relative without unimaginable awareness, which is the soul. The difference between Gopika and ordinary soul is that Gopika is the real devotee of God and has the full grace of God on her. Such a real devotee of God becomes the master of God and hence, is praised as the divine Adishakti. The explanation of your statements is given below:-

1) The God referred here is the first energetic incarnation through which the unimaginable God created the world and hence, the world is associated with Him. The world is made of inert energy and the body of God is also made of inert energy and hence, God (in the sense of same energy of His body) is the same world, which is the inert energy.

2) He (the unimaginable God) was with the first energetic incarnation in the beginning of creation of the world.

3) The creator referred here is the first energetic incarnation of the unimaginable God, which is totally identified with the unimaginable God due to His total merge. Such mediated God is the absolute creator, ruler and ultimate destroyer of the world.

4) This light refers to the awareness that exists in the mankind.

5) The darkness means the inert world in which the light like awareness (soul) shines being the top most item of creation called as Paraaprakruti. The inert objects are used in a limited way by the awareness having freedom. This awareness is also under the control of God only and to prove this, the awareness is unable to control the entire inert world since the entire inert world is controlled by God only. The above light can be also taken as the unimaginable God (which is the unimaginable awareness merged with the relative awareness of a devoted soul in incarnation) present in human incarnation like Jesus, who controlled all the portions of inert world, which can’t be controlled by ordinary soul. Krishna is such human incarnation like Jesus.

6) Referring the following part of Your divine knowledge;

["Expansion of universe doesn’t mean expansion of the same universe already existing, in which case the density of the universe or space gets diminished leading to certain problems, which are not experienced by us. Expansion means addition of new parts of universe created by God so that the density of the already existing universe is not disturbed. All the items mentioned by you like merge of galaxies, existence of dark energy are the items of already existing universe and have no participation in expansion of universe."]

Is it mean that God is continuously creating new parts of universe to keep density of already existing universe which is constantly expanding?

Swami replied:- The expansion of universe is said in the sense of our inability to reach the boundary of the universe so that we can’t touch the unimaginable God, who is beyond our imagination. God has already created such huge universe so that we can never touch the boundary of the universe. The expansion of universe taking place constantly in the view of continuous creation of cosmic energy is a hypothetical situation of the concept in which we are assumed reaching the boundary of universe and God is creating further cosmic energy so that the universe is constantly expanding to make us unable to reach its boundary. This constant creation is said in such hypothetical situation so that the density of the present universe is maintained and the problem of stretching the distance between items is avoided. The universe is infinite in the sense of the capability of the knowledge of the soul to know its boundary, but, in view of God, the boundary is already known to Him since He is omniscient. If science says that the universe is expanding even in the real situation by creating cosmic energy (to avoid the above defects in expansion of existing universe itself), we are not bothered about this concept, but, we can say that the universe is expanding without the purpose as mentioned above (Purpose is the expansion of universe if the human being is ready to touch the boundary of the universe.).