Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 14 Jul 2018


Question on rigidity

Shri Hrushikesh asked:- Dear Swami, As asked by you, I have shared the Answer with Mr.Raghavendra Rao on Caste system given by you for questions asked by Anil sir. Following is the reply from him after reading.

[Raghavendra Rao: I stuck to the point about varṇa system and you ignored all the evidence and knocked down strawmen.

Now let's talk about your guru's duplicity. He claims to be a paripurna avatar. Where is his evidence for such a bold claim?

Raghavendra Rao: Your guru is not an avatar, period. If he can’t be honest about who he is, then he can’t be trusted to be honest about what our religion is.]

Swami replied:- I accept my defeat to change your concept since it is said that a rigid fellow is stronger than even the mighty king! I never claimed that I am the incarnation of God Dattatreya. My disciples called me so. As per your commandment given to me, I shall inform all my disciples not to call me as the human incarnation of God Datta. Salutations to your rigidity.