Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 16 Apr 2022


Divine Experiences of Ms.Swathi

[By Ms.Swathi]

I'm Swathi and I stay with my family in Hyderabad. This is a miracle witnessed by me and my sister - Purnima and my daughter - Rithika. In January, I lost my bank locker key, we searched the whole house thrice but couldn't find it. In April, I called the bank manager and he told a long process which involved in disclosing the items in locker, police compliant and breaking the locker etc. (very tedious and exhausting process) I again searched the whole house but couldn't find it. On 8th April, all 3 of us prayed to Datta Swami and planned to drop the letter for missing locker key. I usually sleep in afternoon for an hour but the same day Phani Anna was coming to Hyderabad and I couldn't sleep as I was too excited to go and pick him up. So, I started clearing few bags and unexpectedly found the missing locker key. We very well remember checking this bag multiple times but couldn't find it then and my sister even used the same bag for travelling the previous week. With Swami's grace I finally found the key. Others can say that we didn't check it thoroughly, but I know how well we searched the entire house. Thanks to Datta Swami.