Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 11 Feb 2023


Divine experiences of Shri Anil Antony

[By Shri Anil Antony]

Blessing to visit Uttarakhand with mother:

In my office, my colleagues used to go for an all-India tour by using LTC facilities. I had a wish in my mind to go to Uttarakhand and take my mother also along with me since I have not taken her to any place so far. However, due to a shortage of leaves, this did not materialise. Swami knew my internal wish and accordingly, I was nominated for an outreach programme in February last week, in the same state of Uttarakhand by my office. Since it was an official tour, I did not need to take any leave and my tickets were also booked by the office. By Swami’s grace, I could also book the tickets in the same flight for my mother so that she could travel with me to Uttarakhand. All this happened just by the miraculous blessings of Swami alone. Thank You Swami for this miracle.

Saving from huge expenses in car:

Recently, my car battery was drained. I gave it for charging. In the evening, after charging, I fitted the battery in reverse polarity in a hurry. As a result, an electrical short circuit took place and my car did not start. When I called the mechanic, he told me that a short circuit would usually damage the alternator and other costly electrical components of the car and that a lot of expenses would have to be incurred. He came and checked the car. By Swami’s miraculous blessing, only a local fuse in the battery was blown out, protecting other costly components. The mechanic told me that it is a rare miss. Thank You Swami for this miracle.