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Posted on: 27 May 2023


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My Experiences with my Sadguru His Holiness Shri Datta Swami

[By Surya]

Guru Datta    Shri Datta    Prabhu Datta

With the salutations at the lotus feet of Swami, I would like to share my experiences with my contemporary human incarnation of Lord Datta i.e., His Holiness Shri Datta Swami.

Experience during my visit to abroad:

Recently, by grace of Swami I got an opportunity to go to Austria for a meeting. This very opportunity of going abroad was out of turn. My senior received the invitation for the meeting. But because he was about to retire, he cannot go and so he was forced to send somebody in his place for the meeting. By grace of Swami, he chose me and the organizers offered the same amount of money as offered to my senior. I informed to Swami about the meeting. Swami immediately told me to go and come back.

Actually, time was very short and I need many clearances at different levels including embassies from both the countries etc. After obtaining the clearances only, I can apply for official passport and then Visa, after which I can start my travel.

Obtaining clearances:

Half the time is taken to get my first clearance, which in fact involves many sub-clearances. Next clearance took 1 day short of next half time. So, I am left with 1 day. In that one day, by grace of Swami, I could get official passport. Next day was national holiday. But again, by Swami’s grace, it so happened that their embassy worked on that holiday. I had to personally go to Delhi and submit the Visa application form due to shortage of time. Again, by grace of Swami, it is so happened that those expenses were also borne by the organization. I got the Visa in couple of hours in the embassy. Since Swami told me in the beginning to go and come back, I purchased the tickets and booked a hotel even before I obtained my clearances, which saved lot of money for me and also saved me from energy drain due to tensions.

The journey was about 7 hours non-stop and in between because of rough weather, the flight experienced bad turbulence. Then I immediately prayed Swami to save me. In a couple of minutes, flight became stable. In the return also, the same thing repeated and again by grace of Swami, the flight became stable.

Many people told that you are lucky going to Europe in May because it is summer in Europe now and so the weather will be very pleasant there. I realised it after reaching there. If it was winter, it would be unbearable cold there and would not suit me. Last week, they faced heavy rains and floods. I experienced very pleasant weather there and escaped the floods by the grace of Swami.

The flight reached 6.30 pm local time and sunsets at 8.15 pm. I was just thinking whether I could reach hotel before sunsets because the place is new, country is new and reaching hotel in the night, I do not know how the situation will be. By grace of Swami, some locals helped me and I reached hotel before sunset.

Afterwards also, Swami helped me through many people, otherwise, the trip would not have been successful. I prayed Swami for giving my presentation and He did it very emphatically. I could see the difference for myself. All in all, everything went off very well with the grace of Swami. I really felt I was not deserving for all this. But for the grace of Swami, this would not have happened so smoothly. Swami’s word told in the very beginning came true perfectly. Thank You Swami for all this help.


Pacification of my senior:

In the heart of hearts, my senior was little unhappy to losing such an opportunity to go abroad and the consequent financial benefits. In fact, he expressed it in words very subtly. He had some Euros with him due to his previous travels to similar meetings. Now, he felt to change them to rupees. At present market price is 1 Euro is around 89.31 rupees. Generally, if we want to sell the Euros, the price will be 3 or even 4 rupees less than the market price. But, to his astonishment he got 95 rupees for 1 Euro. After this huge financial benefit, he is satisfied. I personally feel Swami pacified him by giving that extra benefit to him. Thank You Swami for all this help.


There is a Telegu bhajan in which Swami wrote ‘veedu nee vadani nannu adukonnavu…’. In this miracle, Swami not only blessed me with abroad trip but also pacified on the other side by giving extra benefit to my senior. Thank You Swami for all this help.


Saving from Car Accident:

Yesterday, I had come out of office for half an hour to attend my personal work. Road is basically of 2 lanes and since it is office hours, people parked cars in one lane and second lane is left for vehicles to commute. After completion of work, I was driving the car little fast to reach the office at the earliest. All of a sudden, one person from the parked cars, came out with the car in to driving lane that too obviously very low speed. Initially, I have not realized it.  By the time, I have realized, there was hardly any gap between the cars. But by the grace of Swami, unknowingly I applied the brakes and car stopped all of a sudden, otherwise, the accident would have been catastrophic. Thank You Swami for saving from such a catastrophic accident.

In fact, Swami saved me from plenty of road accidents.

Swami, please excuse me if there are any mistakes. I am also greatly indebted to Swami for giving me the highest post of His servant in the entire creation and requesting Swami for the same in all my future births. Namaskaram Swami. – At Your lotus feet, Surya