Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 26 Jun 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri G. Lakshman

[By Shri G. Lakshman]

Namaskaram Swami,

Namaskaram to all devotees. I would like to present one of the miracles that happened in 2007. It was exactly one and half years after the birth of my son. I, along with my wife and son went to meet Swami at Shri Ajay’s house in Vijayawada for the first time after birth of my son. Swami was sitting on a sofa. My son was sitting on the sofa adjacent to where Swami was sitting. It was around 9 am in the morning. After bath, I came and prostrated before Swami. At that time, a thought occurred in me that it would be better if my son also were to prostrate along with me. Therefore, I requested Swami the same. Swami said, “It’s alright. He is very small”. Upon insisting again, Swami just looked at him. Immediately, my son climbed down from the sofa and prostrated to Swami along with me! It was a wonderful experience. Thank you very much, Swami.

After that incident, I was typing the divine knowledge dictated by Swami. My son and wife were to leave for Chennai on the same day. The flight time was around 3.30 pm. Those days at Vijayawada airport, the person at the counter was known to be very strict. I came to know from Swami and Shri Ajay that he had refused even VIP people like the Minister, MLA’s or political people if they arrived late. He would not allow anyone coming in late and had refused them entry even half an hour before the flight boarding time. Swami advised Shri Ajay, while he was leaving for the office, to request the travel agent to send a car at the appropriate time so that we can leave on time and not miss the flight. Around 12.30 to 1.00 pm or a little later, Swami asked me to call Shri Ajay and enquire whether that vehicle was arranged. Upon calling Shri Ajay, I was told that the travel agent was informed, and he would be coming at the appropriate time to drop my wife and my son to the airport. We soon had lunch, but vehicle did not arrive on time. We were very tensed because of the new arrangement and the strict person at the airport counter. We did not know what to do or what to say. Just then, Shri Ajay came home for lunch. Swami enquired Shri Ajay angrily whether he had informed the travel agent or not since the person had not showed up. Otherwise, it would lead to my wife and my son missing their flight. Shri Ajay replied that he did inform the agent and the vehicle will be sent soon. However, the person did not show up and it was almost getting late. Ultimately, he came around 2.30 or 2.40 pm! Swami scolded the driver for showing up late. Our flight was scheduled for 3:30pm and it takes nearly half an hour to get to the airport from Shri Ajay’s house. I was sure that they would be missing the flight. Nevertheless, we started traveling towards the airport and Shri Phani was also accompanying us.

I would like to tell you one point that this flight, which we were to board was an incoming flight from Chennai. The flight was coming to drop off passengers at Vijayawada and pick up people immediately from here to go back to Chennai. Suddenly, dark clouds were seen in the sky! Because of the dark clouds accompanied by rain and thunder, the incoming flight got delayed. By the grace of Swami, we witnessed His power at that point of time and could reach the airport. Due to the flight delay, my wife with our son got through the security check and they could board the flight on time and reach Chennai.

I would like to thank Swami for that wonderful experience, and I also learnt that one should not use God’s powers for such trivial things.


Thank you, Swami.

Shri G. Lakshman