Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 26 Nov 2022


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Did Lord Krishna test the Gopikas secretly or was this known to His wives as well?

[Shri Kishore Ram asked: Swamiji, Lord Krishna tested the Gopikas on the three strongest bonds (wealth, children and life partner). Did Lord Krishna perform these tests secretly or was this known to His eight wives as well?]

Swami replied:- God Krishna performed the test of the bond with life-partner very secretly in the midnight during the two months of the moon season because it is a sensitive issue. He took care not to hurt anybody and at the same time, tested the sages reborn as Gopikas about this bond as well. The test for wealth (butter) and issues was done openly because it was not such a sensitive issue. However, it is to be noted with wonder that all the Gopikas passed in the secret tests and almost all the Gopikas failed in the open test! The intensity of the worldly bond is important and not the openness or the secrecy of the test.