Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 19 Dec 2022


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Is it not true that the Lord should be higher than the highest Gopikas because He suffered for their sins?

[Shri Sathi Reddy asked:- The Gopikas, who were Sages in previous lives, offered their body to God Krishna and reached the highest position of Goloka. I feel that the Lord should be at the highest position because He took the punishments of their sins and suffered. Please comment.]

Swami replied:- Gopikas did not reach Goloka by offering their bodies alone to Krishna. Gopikas reached Goloka by sacrificing the butter to Krishna that was stored for their children. The bonds with wealth and children are very strong and both these bonds are always joined together, which means that souls earn money even through sins due to their blind fascination for children. Gopikas, who have passed both the tests (stealing butter and dancing with Krishna) alone reached Goloka. In fact, almost all the Gopikas passed in the test of dance (test of the bond with life partner), but, most of them failed in the joint test of stealing butter by complaining to the mother of Krishna (test of bond with money joined to the bond with children). Only 12 Gopikas reached Goloka since they passed in the two tests involving all the three strongest worldly bonds called Eshanaatrayam.