Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 20 Mar 2024


How is God giving the power of action to the soul?

[Prof. JSR Prasad asked:- Swami, You told that God is like a horse taking you to your desired goal. Since direction is related to the soul, the enjoyer of the fruit of the action is the soul. In this, You mentioned that God is the power of the action (Karma Shakti). How is God giving this power of action to the soul?]

Swami Replied:- God is the creator of this entire universe in which various types of imaginable items like matter, energy and awareness exist. Energy is also created by God along with matter. Energy is needed for doing an action. Such required energy is given by God only to the soul to do an action like reaching a desired goal by riding on a horse. Awareness is also created by God and the will of the awareness can be also given by God. But, God gave full freedom to the soul regarding the will to do an action and the direction in which the action is done. Due to this free will given by God (Svabhāvastu pravartate - Gita), the person is taking the decision to reach the goal by the horse. Due to this free will, even the goal and its path are decided by the will of the soul. Due to this, God limited Himself to the inert energy or force that is essential for doing the action. But God does not interfere with the will of the human being due to the free will granted by the God to the soul. Due to this free will, whether an action is to be done or not, if done, in what direction it should be done is completely leftover to the free will of the soul.

Therefore, the soul becomes the doer of an action and enjoyer of the fruit of action. Ignorant people say that everything is done by God and hence, you should enjoy every fruit of the action of the soul. This is totally wrong because God said that He is not initiating any action and hence, He is not touched by the doership and also by the related fruit (Na kartṛtvaṃ na karmāṇi… - Gita). Since He is supplying only the inert energy, the doership or enjyoyership linked with awareness cannot touch God. God is also said to be doer and enjoyer (Kartā bhoktā Maheśvaraḥ - Gita), but, this doership and this enjoyership are quite different.

He is the doer of the world as the creator and He is the enjoyer of the entertainment from the world. This doership and enjoyership should not be mixed with the doership and enjoyership of the soul in its actions like riding a horse to go certain destination and receive the fruit of that action. Any soul must enjoy the good fruits of his/her good actions and similarly must enjoy the bad fruits of his/her bad actions. Hence, it is an ignorant statement created by ignorant people that without the order of God, even the ant will not bite. Here also, the correlation must be done in the following manner:- if you do any action, you must enjoy its fruits as per the order of the constitution written by God. It means that the ant is not biting simply by the order of God. It is only biting as per your bad deed and such fruit is given by the order of God given in the divine constitution written by God. By saying the above statement, one may murder a person. The judge is giving order of hanging him till death based on the same divine constitution of God. If the murderer attributes the murder to the order of God, hanging the murderer can be also attributed to the order of God.