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Posted on: 25 Jun 2023


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Miraculous escape from a major bike accident!

[By Shri Bharath Krishna]

Padanamaskaram Swami,

I would like to recount a recent miracle, where Shri Datta Swami saved me from a major bike accident.

Last week, I was going to my office on my bike at around 7am. I travel to my office every day on a 2-way road. On that particular day, a car was parked on the left side of the road, and a lorry was coming towards me on the right side of the road. I decided to overtake the car so that I wouldn’t have to wait for the lorry to pass.

Earlier Swami had instructed me to drive my bike slowly and carefully until a certain period of time. He told me that my time wasn’t good from an astrological standpoint. When I discussed Swami’s instructions with Devi ma’am, she told me that His instructions were not meant only for a certain period, but in fact, were to be followed at all times.

I usually love speeding on my bike, but because Swami had instructed me to drive slowly, I decided not to go faster than 50KMPH.

Coming back to my story, it was easily possible to overtake the car that day within the 50KMPH speed limit I had set for myself. I accelerated my bike accordingly. But all of a sudden, another biker, who had so far been sitting idle on his bike behind the car, suddenly started driving. He came onto the road and blocked my way. There was space for only one person to overtake the car.

I immediately applied both the brakes and my bike began to skid. That moment, I thought that an accident was definitely going to happen!

But by Swami’s grace, the biker in front of me immediately stopped and so did the lorry. Although both the vehicles that were blocking my way stopped moving, my bike had already started skidding. Logically, I should have hit the lorry directly or should have fallen down near the front tires of the lorry.

Surprisingly, both didn’t happen!


My bike was shaking quite a bit and was completely out of balance. Nevertheless, the bike somehow took a proper turn by itself, and I ended up in a perfectly safe zone without falling. I didn’t even have a scratch on me!

It was undoubtedly Swami who helped me to escape from that accident. There is no way a bike can take a proper turn after it loses its grip, but on that day, it just happened with little to no intervention from me.

In my mind, I was 100 percent sure that this was a miracle by our Swami!

Thank you so much for saving me from this accident, Swami. You have given me many warnings before, but I haven’t paid proper heed to them. I don’t deserve Your protection at all, but still, You protected me from that accident with Your reasonless Divine love.

I know that you also saved me from several accidents many times before. Swami, I promise to ride my bike more carefully from here onwards.

Jai Guru Datta Swami.