Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 17 Mar 2024


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Please explain valour in detail in the three cases.

[Shri Kishore Ram asked:- Paadanamaskaaram, Swami. The word ‘Valour’ was explained by You (in the answer given to question by Jayesh Pandey) in three ways - in the cases of divine personalities, ordinary human beings and demons. Please explain this point in detail.]

Swami replied:-

i) In divine personalities (human incarnations of God), the courage is based on the quality of sattvam, which is knowledge to discriminate justice and injustice. They become courageous in punishing the injustice after thorough analysis.

ii) In the case of ordinary human beings, the discrimination between justice and injustice happens, but, a detailed logical analysis in doing the discrimination does not happen. They become courageous due to their ego and power to fight against injustice.

iii) In the case of demons, there is no analysis at all and knowledge is completely absent. Whether it is justice or injustice, they attack the opposite party due to their violent nature based on deep ignorance. Their single aim is just to attack the opposite party.

These three different cases are based on the influence of the three qualities called sattvam, rajas and tamas.