Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


174. Eternal self—only an approach to the final concept

आत्मविचारलब्ध मूलप्रकृतिसापेक्षक नित्यत्वं आमुखं सिद्धान्तस्य गीतः।१७४।
ātmavicāralabdha mūlaprakṛtisāpekṣaka nityatvaṁ āmukhaṁ siddhāntasya gītaḥ|174|

The relative eternality of the primordial energy established in self analysis is an introduction through an example, to the final concept as said in the Gita.


Deep self-analysis can touch the primordial energy as the ultimate basis. This primordial energy can be assumed as God because it is relatively eternal in comparison to its modifications, which are the items of creation. Hence the concept of differentiation between the really eternal God and the really non-eternal creation, can be introduced through the concept of differentiating the relatively eternal primordial energy from the relatively non-eternal modifications of the primordial energy. Hence, the ultimate primordial energy, called as self, is obtained in the self-analysis and this is relatively eternal compared to the rest of creation. This can be treated as a training through an example for the ultimate concept. This principle is followed by the Gita, which introduces the relatively eternal self and the relatively non-eternal body in the beginning itself (second chapter of the Gita).

* * *