Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 23 Jan 2016


If a preacher (Brahmin) gives wrong knowledge, can the receivers be punished by their wrong practice?

[Reply to Shri Durgaprasad] The preacher can belong to any caste because the caste is not decided by birth but only by the qualities and subsequent actions. Brahmin represents the teaching community. Son/daughter of a teacher need not be a teacher. With these introductory remarks, I come straightly to the subject.

The punishment is given to both sides. The punishment to the preacher is permanent till the end of creation since several human beings are spoiled by the wrong knowledge of the preacher till the end of the creation. It is the responsibility of the receiver also to analyze the knowledge received by him from the preacher. Even Lord Krishna, the God-preacher said at the end of the Gita that Arjuna should analyze whatever is said by Him and then only decide before proceeding to action (vimrushyaitadasheshena…). The Lord said that every point of His preaching should be analyzed before acceptance and subsequent implementation. The word ‘Asheshena’ means that every word of His preaching should be analyzed without leaving even a trace. Blind following is also a sin on this side of receiver. The Veda also says that even every statement of the Veda should be perfectly analyzed before coming to the decision (Vedanta vijnana sunishchitarthaah…). The Brahma sutras of sage Vyasa do only this deep analysis of the Vedic statements before coming to the conclusion of these concepts. If the receiver is incapable of analysis, he should take the help of a scholar like the petitioner filing the case in the court takes the help of an advocate for giving arguments. Of course, it is the duty of the petitioner to select a good advocate. My knowledge expressed now is like a good and efficient advocate of the government provided freely by the court.