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Posted on: 17 Jun 2023


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Helping a devotee to meet the deadline at office

[By Ms.Thrylokya]

Paadanamaskaaram Swami, I would like to share a miracle where You helped me in a difficult situation while doing office work. Since last few months, our team is working under pressure to meet regular deadlines. We are migrating to a different data platform to meet future requirements. Apart from regular work, we are learning the coding structure of new platform and simultaneously implementing it. In the initial testing, everything was good in my domain and all validations were bug-free. Seeing the good results, my Team leader sent out a mail to the stakeholder that we are publishing the code to production next week. It means that the code should start capturing the real data of customers and send it to the reports of the stakeholders. If any mistake happens in production, the employee who published the code will be questioned.

When I continued to test multiple times, I realised that the new code is not working sometimes due to the presence of old code. This is happening only sometimes and not all the time which is why we could not see this issue initially. But because of this, wrong data will be reported to the stakeholders which will become a big issue later on. I immediately wrote a mail to my Team leader about this and suddenly, I recalled the fact that she is on a personal leave and she will be back only after a week. I was tensed about this because I have no authority either to change the deadlines or to remove the old code. I need the permission immediately because it takes a week to remove the old codes at all places and do testing again from scratch. That too, thorough testing is needed hereafter. Meanwhile if a new issue arises due to removal of old code, it would be worse. I was completely clueless of what to do next. After a few minutes, I joined a meeting and was attending it without any trace of attention. Just then, I got a call from my Lead suddenly. I remained in shock unable to figure out if this is true or false. After a few rings, the call dropped off since I did not pick it. I came back to my senses and called her back. She picked the call and said, “I am sorry, Thrylokya. I don’t know why I called you. I am on a vacation with my family. But I felt like opening my laptop and calling you. I really don’t know why I did this. Sorry to disturb you”. I laughed like a mad person listening to her words. I definitely knew that this is the miracle of my beloved Swami who is protecting me every second. Swami had made my life so easy since the time He came into my life.  

I told my Lead about the new issue that I identified. She replied that I should write a mail to her higher authorities and communicate the same with other team leads in order to get a unanimous conclusion about the next course of action. She told me not to take any action by myself since the situation is critical. I felt so happy to be relieved from this issue instantly by the grace of Swami.  Swami is not only protecting my Nivritti (Spiritual life) but also protecting my Pravrutti (Worldly life).  After all, He is God Datta who is the protector of this entire creation.

Swami, when You said that I should not aspire for any worldly desires from You, I assumed that You are interested in giving me salvation and You are not interested in securing my worldly life. But I am wrong. You are giving me such a peaceful and successful worldly life that I can never imagine. I am sorry for misunderstanding You. You told me to show interest on God and not to show excessive interest in my worldly life. But, You are more interested in my worldly life than I am. Your love is an infinite ocean, Swami.

Thank You Swami for coming into my life, revealing Yourself through divine knowledge, giving me the taste of true love by transferring my sins unto Your body and suffering for my sake. Nobody can love me like You do. I got my job also miraculously by Your grace. There is nothing in my life which I can say that this is mine. You alone are mine. You are my Lord and I am Your servant. You don’t need me or my defective services which are causing headache to You. But, kindly give me Your service so that I don’t slip into temporary worldly pleasures and waste my life.

At Your Divine Lotus Feet,