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Posted on: 17 Jun 2023


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My Experiences with my Sadguru His Holiness Shri Datta Swami

[By Smt. Chhanda Chandra]

Padanamaskaram Swami. It is my greatest fortune to feel You, my Lord, always around me and experience so many miracles in my life each and every day. And above all, it is You, who is listening directly and I am getting this opportunity to express my thankfulness through the same media. I was like an empty drum which used to sound more previously. But You have provided the required good materials through Your knowledge by which the same drum is now making less noise and trying to understand life and things beyond life. After learning Your Knowledge, I feel like simply experiencing all moments of life as they come without getting excited or depressed. I hope, wish and pray to You so that I can justify Your knowledge even more, day by day with more and more faith. And I also pray that You please catch hold of me whenever I am in a position to get slipped as You always did with Your own compassion and kindness till date. I dedicate all my present and future births to You, my Lord. With Your compassionate and kind nature, an underserving soul like me too feel on top of world as You allowed me to experience so many beautiful moments. It is just not possible to note down everything that You shower on all of us, we can only feel. Still, I would like to mention very few of them today before You. I will start narrating them by prostrating at Your divine lotus feet Swami.

Home renovation work by my father without support of late uncle

Last year in June, our home renovation work was taken up by my parents. This was a huge task for them. As we had just lost my uncle forever, a second father to me, who and whose family is the greatest gift to our family, given by You, used to take all these initiatives and execution of the same when we, the siblings also could not go for any help being far away from home. All of us were tensed as my father’s basic nature does not suit with these kinds of works. But by Your grace, my uncle’s son, another brother of mine could fit in the shoes of his late father and all the labors who were working, treated our work as their own work. In fact, they were really sad when the work was completed as they experienced a very homely environment with my parents. This we can never think of. I know it is You, who is behind all this. Thank You Swami for being there with not only me but my parents also.

Sudden preponement of flight ticket and saving my father

Like every year, last year in Durga Puja we went to home town. Myself and my son stayed few days in my parents’ house and my husband went to his home town. After reaching home, some misunderstanding arose between them and there was tension in their house. The tension got aggravated as the days passed. Surprisingly the tension became very less once I reached there. Everybody in the family felt little relaxed. But within three or four days suddenly my husband told that he will visit his aunt’s house before leaving and he decided to visit them on 15th of October, the coming Saturday. And our return ticket was on 16th. All of us got nervous to hear this visit as going to this relative’s house means not only monetary loss but also lot of mental tension for sure that unnecessarily disturbs our family and gets carried forward to our residence here in Mumbai also. On that Wednesday morning, I was thinking of coming back little early to avoid this tension which will cost a huge monetary loss. I dropped this idea of coming early and decided to stick to our schedule only but how to get rid of this situation was really disturbing me a lot. Once I even thought of praying to You but immediately, I concluded not to disturb my Lord as You are always taking care of each and every moment of us. I decided in my mind to let me be patient and if there is any suffering in store for me, it is all I need to face as all these are due to my karma only. I convinced myself and went to take a bath. As soon I came out of bathroom, I checked the messages in my mobile casually. My eyes started tearing automatically in extreme happiness to see the kindness of You, who knows every detail of His devotees. What I saw was an SMS informing that the flight has been preponed by one day. This one SMS relieved me and my in laws so much that my satisfaction had no bounds. I realized that my omniscient Swami knows what exactly is required for whom and when. I don’t know how to thank You my Lord. This one miracle saved uncountable moments of tension indeed.

During this same vacation in my home town, one day my father went out from home in the morning. Suddenly one bike with a very high speed approached my father and the biker also could not decide what to do. My father too was fully unprepared. Suddenly with Your grace, what my dad could do was only to bend his body but could not move from that position. By that time the biker also evaded the danger. You saved my dad from a catastrophe that day as he also concluded it is God who came into his rescue. Thank You Swami for giving my father a new life.

Passing of vehicle in jam packed traffic

Last October, we were to visit a skin specialist in Vashi here in Mumbai. It is hardly 15 to 20 minutes journey from our place. But due to metro work, there was a huge traffic on that road. All the lanes were jam packed and we were really worried that it won’t be possible for us to reach in time. I scolded myself that I should have started a little more early although we had sufficient time in hand. The traffic had already taken a bite on our time and I thought of calling to clinic to postpone the appointment for at least an hour but did not. Then I got immersed in your thoughts by singing a Bengali song “Eso Prana Bharana Doina Harana He” for You. After a few seconds, to our astonishment, we saw that a person getting down from his vehicle just in front of ours and came to us quickly and gently knocked our car to tell us to move forward. He took the initiative to clear our way while his vehicle was waiting on the road and he did not allow any other vehicles too to bypass our vehicle. Our vehicle could come out from that jam packed situation like a dream and we reached the clinic right in time. It shows that even an undeserving devotee like me can pass through impossible by having only Your thoughts in mind. I know You made it possible. In return once again I can say a big thank You Swami.

Falling down in bathroom without any pain

On the 1st January day this year, I got slipped in the bathroom with a great force. I already had a pain in my left knee and was not able to move freely. On that day, I fell down on my backside and the way I slipped, it was sure that I might broke either my waist or head as a very sharp corner of a wall was just an inch away from my head. Not only You saved me from a big injury but I did not even feel an iota of pain in any of my body parts. This miraculous saving can never happen by anyone other than You. Your compassion and kindness again overwhelmed me. In return again I will say a very big thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Miraculous cure of mother’s health

This Makar Sankranti day, You graced me with Your darshan in Hyderabad while coming back from my official trip in Vizag. I along with Thrylokya and her family genuinely celebrated real Makar Sankranti. I stayed in their house and got a treatment like a queen with lots of love. This itself is a miracle. Not only this, on the next day I was on my return journey and here in Mumbai my mother was not well. I did not know anything about it. She got tensed as I was away from home. She in fact could not sleep in the previous night for even a single second due to severe headache and body pain. She was hesitating in telling this to either my dad or husband. She thought of You and started praying to You as her physical problem became unbearable. After her praying, within half an hour everything with her got normal without any medicine and she was very comfortable. In the afternoon when I reached home, she informed me that it is our Datta Swami who saved her in the night. While taking care of my health in Vizag due to very hectic schedule there, You took care of my family members also. What more can I expect in this life when You Yourself has taken the control? As my Sadguru is there, I need not worry at all. I dedicate my life to You and I always wish to be at Your feet Swami.

Miraculous hearing ability of mother during Satsang with Phaniji

My mother has advised me to share this particular miraculous experience with You Swami on her behalf as English is a foreign language for her. Basically, she has lost her hearing ability in her left ear long back due to accidental piercing of the same by a sharp stick. We have consulted many doctors but none were useful even with hearing aid. She stopped using the support too that time. After that, slowly, her right ear also started functioning with lesser and lesser efficiency. Now somehow, she is managing to hear with the hearing aid in her right ear as doctor has suggested that the pressure on her right ear is high that usage of hearing aid is necessary. Now comes the miracle part of it. To our astonishment, she is not only able to hear the discussion when we have satsangs with Phaniji, she is able to understand English too. Both these are just unbelievable as we need to say at least four times a single word to make her hear. Most of the time we need to touch her and tell the same. But during satsangs she does not have any problem even though Phaniji speaks in very moderate and of course humble voice and she is not even sitting very close to him. We all know that it is possible only because of You. For You the word impossible doesn’t even exist. She is overwhelmed that You have graced her with such a beautiful miracle where she can only hear God’s words directly. We are grateful to you for your immeasurable kindness showered upon us.

Arranging food for hungry devotees

This March our full family was fortunate to have Your Darshan. You have taken us to the Brahmaloka in those three days that we spent with You. My parents could not even say a single word and were just weeping in extreme happiness and satisfaction. They felt it is their highest fortune in life as they never thought of having Bhagwan-darshan directly through naked eyes. Prasad sir, Annapurna Mam and Sarma sir’s association took our stay to a very high level. They took every care of us during the entire journey. I thank them all in Your presence as it is You only who have brought all of us together in Your family. When we came back, our train was almost 2 and ½ hours late from Secunderabad itself. There also with Your grace we could board the train and slept and did not have to face any problem. Phaniji was there in Mumbai that time. While in train Surya sir and Phaniji were in continuous touch with us. But we did have little idea about what is going to happen in the next few minutes. We did not even enter house properly, Phaniji and Surya sir both came to our home and provided full lunch for all of us when we really were very hungry. They are the highest devotees of Yours and because of You only it is possible to have them in our lives. In this way You not only showed Your kindness but also showed how far God can go for even an undeserving soul like me. This will always inspire me and I bow down to Your feet Swami. I could never expect so much in this life itself. Thank You, thank You and thank You.

Miraculous achievement of preparing a video for most wanted topic

While preparing the human incarnation video, Kdenlive software in my laptop frequently used to stop working. Thrylokya and Swathika tried their best to fix it. In fact, Swathika used to sit with me regularly to sort out this issue. But all efforts went in vain. Kdenlive ceased to function. I took my laptop on an official tour to Vizag in this condition. After completing my official work, I used to sit with my laptop with a hope that it will work. But it did not. I was really depressed enough for not being able to serve at all. Next day my mind was fully in this thought and seeing the sea in front of me reminded me about You all the time. Although I could successfully complete my assigned office work, my mind was on the video making. Hence, I started praying to You. I came back to guest house in night and switched on my laptop. Before clicking Kdenlive, I just closed my eyes and prayed to You once again. Then I clicked Kdenlive and I was amazed to see that it started working in such a way as if there was no issue at all and I could complete rest of the video. I just became speechless to see this. It stroke my mind that once I surrendered to You it started working. It was my ego that was hindering me. You taught me that with ego I can never be in God’s mission. Thank You Swami, for this wonderful lesson. Here also this is not the only miracle. In fact, when I read the discourse on human incarnation for the first time in 2006, it became my most favorite concept. I wanted to do something with this discourse but did not have any idea of what can be done at that time. Little did I know that You have even heard this and finally You will bring this video through me only. In fact, getting this opportunity to make this video itself was the biggest miracle for me, Swami. Now You tell me, what should I tell You. Frankly speaking I have no words to say. Only I can bow down to You through my body, words and mind.

Cancellation and completion of presentations

Two months back, in office, I was suddenly told to present a huge work in just one day notice. At least 100 slides needed to be prepared. Old presentation for similar project was also not found. Normally at least one week time is given but, in my case, it is always like this. I just sat coolly and prayed to You so that I can prepare myself and just be able to do justice to the given work as I had very little time to prepare. Then I set myself to face the situation. In the evening the organizer suddenly called me up informing not only about the postponement of the meeting, but he even managed to retrieve my old presentation so that I can prepare well for the upcoming meeting. I know it was You who came to save me. Your kindness is really like an ocean.

In another occasion, last month, I was told to present a work in just 2 hours’ notice time. For this kind of presentation, normally a long procedure has to be followed including submission of a report based on which the presentation will be done so that committee can come prepared. Here nothing of this kind happened, so no question of presentation arises at all. But my boss informed me to present even without telling the topic and did not even discuss anything. Somehow, I prepared something and prayed to You to take care as I have tried my level best. My other colleague and my boss were also preparing for at least a week on some other topic for the same meeting. They completed all the procedures too. I had only You in my mind and went ahead. I presented my work and the result was surprising. My colleague’s presentation was rejected due to mismatch in the presented result and submitted report. But in my case, committee chairman himself appreciated the work and congratulated me for doing a good work. I knew internally that it is definitely not me. It is only You, to whom goes all the credits. So, I dedicated this to You.

Fulfilment of a long-cherished wish of writing book and having Satsanga

1) Recently You permitted me to translate the upcoming book with title “Shri Datta Swami” into Bengali. We all are eagerly waiting to have this book in English. Getting opportunity to translate this book is itself a miracle. I know I can’t even write a single word of a book and here is one entire book which comes directly from God. You will only make it possible. But there lies even deeper miracle in this work. My maternal grandpa was a renowned writer and after his loss, nobody even tried to continue his work. I was very much pained to experience such a loss. I used to think like, “can I not really do anything to continue this writing tradition?” Though I have no such quality, I wanted to do something. When You suggested me to translate this book, I again realized that nothing went unheard from You. The most secret thing about which I never expressed to anybody in this world, You not only listened to it but also responded to it. I still remember Your words ‘Many people write book but the most sacred one will be the one that talks about God’. And now You have brought me to that stage where my wish is being fulfilled. I could never think of such an outcome Swami. I really don’t know in what way I can thank You. But what I know for sure is that I want to be in Your service. You please grant me that not only for this birth but for all my future births too.

2) Long back when I came in touch with Your knowledge, one thought used to cross my mind that “Will it be ever possible to have satsanga from my home? How sacred those days will be if it happens!” I had to wait for a long  for this and it is again You who came to fulfill this dream too. Nowadays we are having very regular satsanga at our home- thanks to the multiple visits of Phaniji. I am so grateful to You for this miracle. You made me worriless at most of the time. Being with You is not only my Vishnuloka, it is Your thoughts also that make me feel like being in Vishnuloka itself. I know You are always with Your devotees but I still aspire more. I want You to please give us an opportunity to serve You personally. I long for it so badly without knowing anything about my past.   


Wonderful saving in Kashmir

Last month we went to Kashmir on LTC. I took my parents also along with us and one more family also joined us. When I informed this to You, You explained me the actual meaning of seeing the nature. We need to infer the Creator seeing the beautiful creation. If I don’t feel this, then there is no meaning of going on any trip. I understood the meaning and took Your permission. I was full of joy. While roaming there in Kashmir, in each and every moment we realized Your presence through various experiences. Few are mentioned below:

A) We wanted to visit different points in Pahalgam. It is necessary to hire pony ride there. There is no road, all full of big stones and mud and it was very crowded too. Apart from it, my mom’s health is not that good also. Keeping balance on pony itself was very difficult for all of us.  My mother could not balance and fell down twice from the back of the pony. Both time by Your grace she fell down on grass, neither on stones nor on the end side of the hill. You only saved her.

B) Whenever we were roaming around, we got very good weather though it was cloudy and raining also. As soon as we were entering vehicle, it started raining. In Betaab valley point while entering itself, it was very cloudy. Keeping You in mind, we entered and wanted to finish at the earliest. After sometime my son reminded me saying, “Ma, please come fast. For how long Swami will stop this rain to come?”. We started to come back and it started drizzling. As soon as we entered our vehicle, it started raining. Again, when we got down in Pahalgam, it was like a beautiful sunny day though it was raining throughout the journey time in vehicle.

C) One day my son vomited at least 5 to 6 times in night in Gulmarg. Usually, we need to rush to hospital for injection as his vomiting is generally very severe and will only respond to injection. But due to Your grace we didn’t have to face this problem.


Not only this, You saved all of us from monetary loss also in that journey as it was not possible for us to go ahead with the Gondola ride there in Gulmarg as the accompanying family was not well. In fact we need to book tickets online beforehand for this ride and due to G20 we could not do so. So not only health, You saved us from every angle.

I know I am not of any use to You but my existence is because of You. If I can dare, I just want to say I feel proud to be a slave of You as I really have no idea about my eligibility to even say this to You or not. I want to be with You for eternity and my every effort will be in Your direction only. Thank You my Lord, my Swami. Always at Your divine lotus feet.

“হে পরমপুরুষ, আমি তোমার কাছ থেকে কোন কিছুই চাই না। যেহেতু তুমিই সব কিছুর উৎস, তাই আমি তোমাকেই চাই। তোমার সেবা করবার জন্যে। সেবার মাধ্যমে নিজে আনন্দ পাবার জন্যে নয়, তোমাকে আনন্দ দেবার জন্যে।“

Your slave forever, Chhanda and family.

Swami’s Comments: Definitely you will be granted My personal service and also certainly you will be granted with (My) service in every birth. My blessings are always with you. When you say that you don’t deserve, you deserve. If you say that you deserve, you don’t deserve. I am always reverse.