Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 18 Mar 2024


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What is the problem if we say that the awareness of the soul is a tiny part of the awareness of God?

[A question by Shri Abhiram]

Swami replied:- If you take the unmediated unimaginable God, His process of thinking to create universe was based on His omnipotency and not on the presence of awareness in Him. The reason is that before creation, there was neither inert energy nor a materialized nervous system in the unimaginable God. When awareness itself is absent in the ultimate God, you cannot say that the awareness or soul is a tiny part of the awareness of God. Since thinking was there, it could be called as awareness, but, since actually awareness was absent, such thinking of the unimaginable God is called unimaginable awareness, which means that the background of the awareness of God is unimaginable.

Coming to the mediated unimaginable God called God Datta, the awareness of the energetic being was created by Parabrahman or the unimaginable God. Such awareness is the normal awareness of a normal human being. But, such normal awareness of God Datta also became unimaginable awareness since the unimaginable God merged with Datta in and out. By this, the imaginable awareness of God Datta also became unimaginable awareness. Here, the unimaginable awareness means, the awareness that has attained the unimaginable power of Parabrahman. Now, if you say that the soul of the human being or normal awareness is a tiny part of the unimaginable awareness of God Datta, it is also impossible because such a tiny part must get some tiny miraculous power of God Datta. Since no trace of miraculous power is seen with the awareness or soul of a human being, this possibility is also ruled out. In any case, the soul is neither God nor a tiny part of God. God is the unimaginable creator and the soul is an imaginable created item.